MONOPOLY GO! brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies, which even I would love to earn. The hype usually in MONOPOLY GO is with the Partners event since it is a big deal for us players since it offers too many rewards while also allowing you to play and earn with your friends. One such partner event that is arriving in MONOPOLY GO is the Valentines Partners Event. Let me walk you through all the details you need to know about participating, hitting milestones, and racking up rewards in this upcoming event. So, let’s dive in!

Valentines Partners Event in MONOPOLY GO!

Each month, we have the chance to win prizes and boost their rewards by teaming up with friends and fellow players in a Partners co-op event. These special multiplayer events turn ordinary gameplay into a collaborative experience where players work together to collect themed prizes and cash.

All they need to do is grab a partner or a few and get ready to spin their way to victory, which I’ve been having fun with for a long time in such partner events, with the last one being Garderning Partners.

MONOPOLY GO Valentines Partners adding
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Similarly, we have got the Monopoly GO’s Valentines Partners event this time, where players team up with friends to participate in events that require daily engagement for maximum rewards. You earn tokens during gameplay, resembling cakes with heart decorations, which are used to spin a wheel and accumulate points towards milestone progress. However, I say you should carefully select the partners for participation, as their contributions impact the completion of cakes.

Once partners are added, they cannot be changed, remember this. To find and add partners, players can utilize in-game features by adding friends or exploring external forums and Discord groups. With strategic teamwork and consistent participation, players can aim to maximize rewards and progress through the event’s milestones efficiently.

MONOPOLY GO! Valentines Partners: Milestones and Rewards

As you can see from the image I shared, to earn points in the event, you need to collect hearts. Once you have 20 hearts or more, tap the event icon and choose a multiplier to spin the wheel. Higher multipliers use more hearts but offer bigger point rewards. I always suggest you opt for multipliers, be it any number, as there is a chance of boosting your rewards. However, this strategy should be applied once you have enough heart tokens to run.

MONOPOLY GO Valentines Partners Event rewards
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According to what’s being shared, to win the big prize, you need to earn 80,000 points for each partner slot. The grand prize will include dice, cash, and a new token called Cupid Lizzie. The event milestones and rewards can change at any time, including the schedule and the prizes you can win. So for now, we do not know the exact table of distribution.

So what are you waiting for? Time to begin searching for partners or else you won’t be able to up your Monopoly Go strategy and earn everything on offer!

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