Solo Leveling: ARISE is the highly anticipated mobile action RPG that follows Sung Jin-woo’s journey to become the world’s strongest hunter, and has captured players’ attention with its engaging gameplay. In this Solo Leveling: ARISE Tier List, I will explore the top hunters across different classes, evaluating each hunter’s strengths, capabilities, and roles.

Netmarble launched the official website for Solo Leveling: ARISE in March 2023 and recently announced early access for players in Canada. Additionally, you can discover redeem codes to unlock special rewards and access my beginner’s guide, and reroll guide to kickstart your adventure. Lastly, don’t forget to check out my class guide and elements guide to gain a better understanding of hunter classifications and elemental mechanics in the game.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Tier List for March 2024: Best Hunters Ranked

I’ve organized the Hunters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This tier system simplifies understanding each hunter’s capabilities and classes, giving you a clear idea of where to start.

TIER Tanker Fighter Mage Assassin Ranger Healer
Strong (S) Baek Yoonho, Emma Laurent, Woo Jinchul, Seo Jiwoo Hwang Dongsoo Choi Jong-In, Lee Bora Sung Jin-Woo Lim Tae-Gyu Min Byung-Gu
Good (A) Yoo Jinho Park Beom-Shik Song Chiyul Han Song-Yi, Kang Taeshik Nam Chae-Young,
Anna Ruiz
Lee Joohee
Average (B) Kim Sangshik, Kim Chul, Hwang Dongsuk Jo Kyuhwan, Park Heejin

Drawing from my gameplay experience, I’ve created a tier list to rank Hunters according to their effectiveness and roles. Tailored for newcomers, this tier list aims to help you choose and excel with hunters that align well with your playstyle.

Our tier list showcases the top-tier Hunters in each class, as outlined in the table above. With a diverse selection of Hunters available, you have plenty of options to consider. Each Hunter comes with unique traits, offering a wide range of choices.

The game caters to different playstyles, making this list a matter of personal preference. The effectiveness of Hunters can vary depending on a player’s preferred strategy, meaning that what one player values highly, another may not prioritize in the same way.

S-Tier Tanker – Baek Yoonho

While playing as Baek Yoonho in Solo Leveling: ARISE, he’s considered an S-Tier Tank Hunter for good reason. His ability to transform into a powerful tiger-like creature not only boosts his damage but also his speed, making him a force to be reckoned with in battles.

Solo Leveling ARISE Baek Yoonho
Image via Netmarble

I’ve seen firsthand how his transformation ability can turn the tide of a fight, especially when combined with his weapon’s bonuses that increase Light damage and enhance Defense. Overall, Baek Yoonho’s versatility and combat prowess make him a standout choice for players looking to excel in tanking roles.

S-Tier Fighter – Hwang Dongsoo

I discovered that Hwang Dongsoo in Solo Leveling: ARISE is one of the best Fighters, he’s widely regarded as an S-Tier Fighter for good reason. As a Korean-American S-Rank Hunter with exceptional strength, he stands out among others.

Solo Leveling ARISE Hwang Dongsoo
Image via Netmarble

His weapon boosts his Wind damage, making his attacks powerful against certain enemies. Additionally, it enhances his Basic Skill damage when specific effects activate during combat, allowing him to deal even more damage over time. Overall, Hwang Dongsoo’s strength and combat skills, combined with his weapon’s enhancements, make him a formidable choice for players looking for a strong and versatile fighter in the game.

S-Tier Mage – Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In’s mastery of fire magic in Solo Leveling: ARISE makes him an S-Tier Mage. His ability to conjure powerful flames that can decimate enemies and manipulate fire for practical purposes is unmatched.

Solo Leveling ARISE Choi Jong In
Image via Netmarble

Personally, I’ve seen how his Flame Prison and Flame Dragon spells turn the tide of battles, providing both offense and defense. His weapon’s bonuses further enhance his abilities by boosting Attack and reducing the Defense of burned targets, making him a formidable force in any encounter.

S-Tier Assassin – Sung Jin-Woo

As the main protagonist and the strongest hunter in Solo Leveling, Sung Jin-Woo reigns as an S-Tier Assassin. His combat mastery, incredible speed, and strength make him a force to be reckoned with.

Solo Leveling ARISE Sung Jin Woo
Image via Netmarble

I’ve witnessed firsthand how his agility and damage output turn seemingly impossible situations into victories. Whether it’s taking down powerful foes or swiftly navigating through challenges, Sung Jin-Woo excels in every aspect of the assassin role.

S-Tier Ranger – Lim Tae-Gyu

Lim Tae-Gyu’s expertise in archery magic earns him an S-Tier Ranger ranking. His ability to create magic arrows instantly and deliver precise shots to weak spots showcases his remarkable skill. Personally, I’ve observed how his arrows penetrate even the toughest defenses, making him a valuable asset in battles.

Solo Leveling ARISE Lim Tae Gyu
Image via Netmarble

His weapon’s bonuses, including increased Dark damage and Attack boosts after using specific attacks, further amplify his effectiveness as a top-tier ranger.

S-Tier Healer – Min Byung-Gu

As an S-Rank healer hunter, Min Byung-Gu stands out as an S-Tier Healer. His mastery of healing magic allows him to quickly heal severe wounds and support fellow hunters in combat. I’ve experienced firsthand how his healing abilities turn dire situations around.

Solo Leveling ARISE Min Byung Gu
Image via Netmarble

This ensures the team’s survival in challenging battles. Despite his healing focus, Byung-Gu also possesses notable combat abilities, showcasing his versatility and effectiveness as a top-tier healer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the tier list categorizes hunters based on their exceptional abilities and roles in Solo Leveling: ARISE. The S-Tier hunters excel in their respective classes, offering unique strengths and contributing significantly to team success.

Whether it’s devastating magic, agile assassinations, precise archery, or vital healing. Each tier highlights the diverse talents and strategic importance of different classes. Choosing hunters from higher tiers enhances gameplay experiences and ensures a well-rounded team capable of overcoming challenges.

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