After teasing the New Era mode, New State Mobile confirmed the arrival of 8 new heroes. I played the mode in the JETA map for many hours and tried to learn everything inside this latest mode. After playing it for most of my time recently, I managed to prepare this character tier list for the New Era mode. I hope many players will find this useful and can comprise their team in a way that can come out as the winner each time.

New State Mobile New Era mode Character Tier List

The game doesn’t say any class of heroes based on their ability. But as I inspected each hero closely, I prepared this class and included the heroes. This opinion is based on the expertise that I got after playing for countless hours.

Strong (S) Maria, Shy-D
Good (A) Dante
Average (B) Sam Berry
General (C) Red, Blocker


Maria in New Era mode Character Tier List
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Maria has the top-notch features that no one has. The passive is named Mayhem Passive Ability where she can use the jetpack for finding the trace. Another passive ability named Big Gunner has everything to cover for. It increases her speed while using UMG, player weapon equip speed, etc.

The name of her active skill is Full Throttle. I managed to use the jetpack more efficiently by using this feature. Among all the players and heroes, she can be considered a tank.


Shy-D in New Era mode Character Tier List
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Shy-D comes with the Dream Runner passive where she has full boosted health. Another passive called Speed Star is important because she can move like a normal player and maintain the same pace even when using an ADS or hip firing. This will make her difficult to trace and land shots on her. The passive also features increased reload speed so every gun she uses, turns into a deadly weapon as the rate of fire increases.

The ultimate is called Fast Forward where her movement speed increases a lot. So, she’s a quick attacker and defender at the same time. This has made her a strong contender for the best hero list.


Dante is the Dream Runner and uses a passive skill where he comes with a full boost gauge. His another passive named Head Hunter which increases the chances for connecting shots to the heads of other enemies. This is a useful feature and also his active skill is using a max plasma shield. So, when shooting at the enemies and damaging them severely by connecting headshots, a plasma shield at the same time will make him a serious contender to the New Era mode Character Tier List.

Sam Berry

Sam Berry in New Era mode Character Tier List
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Sam Berry’s active is called “Brothers in Arms“. The name says it all, he’s perfect for the role of a support player. He also can be used as a field medic as he can heal all teammates within the healing range. When I played with him, the very first problem I faced was that when applying our team strategy, we needed to stay spread. So, this feature became useless here. He can be used for support. The passive includes the power to start with a Level 3 helmet. Recovery items take less time to use.

His passive also includes a level 1 plasma shield and he can be redeployed once in the match as well. While fighting powerful enemies or skilled players, this character can come into use.


Red in New Era mode Character Tier List
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Red’s passive ability is known as Justice which works when he’s not holding any weapon. The jumping ability, running speed, and parkour speed will increase. He uses a smokescreen that lasts for 35 seconds. But when the character has a fast pace in the running, then it doesn’t need smoke or something like that. So, not much efficiency this character bears and I put this one in the D category.


Blocker in New Era mode Character Tier List
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I played with this character a lot. The cool thing is this one becomes invincible for 5 seconds, marking the power as ultimate. But the sad thing is, it cannot fire while using the ultimate. His passive Roack Steady slightly reduces bullet spread while using ADS. One notable feature is that he has unlimited ammo. However, coordination among his powers and abilities is the one I need. But, what it has couldn’t satisfy me much.

So, among the characters, I tested them properly and took opinions from the forums. Also, deep inspection made me realize that the characters in this mode are playable in any place and manner. Based on the style of your play, you can select a set of heroes for any match. But the JETA map is small and fast-paced so there will be always a rush and fights among the players. Considering this, I will suggest picking two tanks (S category) and then Dante and Sam Berry based on this New Era mode Character Tier List.

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