Mega Absol is a Mega Raid Boss, the Mega form of Absol in Pokémon Go. It has a sickle-shaped growth on the side of its head along with a scythe-like tail. In its mega form, its hair has grown out even more and covers one of its eyes. As it is a Mega Raid, it won’t be a piece of cake to fight against Mega Absol. So in this Pokémon Go guide, we are going to talk about the best ways and counters using which you’ll be able to defeat Mega Absol in the best way possible.

Mega Absol in Pokémon Go

Mega Absol is a pure Dark-type Pokémon with a maximum CP of 3732 at level 50. It is weak towards Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type attacks. If you are a high-level player with the best counters along with yourself which are also boosted, you’ll be able to fight against Mega Absol if you bring another friend along with you into battle. If you are a low-level player, you should have no less than three to five trainers in your team.

Mega Absol Moveset

Pokémon Go Mega Absol moveset
Image via Niantic

The moves that I’ve found to be the best from the moveset of Mega Absol are Snarl and Payback. Both of them have a combined DPS of 67.6. It is also the best combination of moves that you can use in both Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. Other good attacks from its movepool include Psycho Cut, Dark Pulse, Mrgahorn, and Thunder.

Best counters against Mega Absol in Pokémon Go

Here’s the list of the best counters that you can use against Mega Absol and have the best chances of winning.

  • Terrakion: Double Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Blaziken (Mega): Counter/Focus Blast
  • Rayquaza (Mega): Dragon Tail/Dragon Ascent
  • Gardevoir (Mega): Charm/Dazzling Gleam
  • Machamp (Shadow): Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Keldeo: Low Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Hariyama (Shadow): Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Pheromosa: Bug Bite/Bug Buzz
  • Lucario: Counter/Aura Sphere
  • Alakazam (Mega): Counter/Dazzling Gleam
  • Conkeldurr: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Enamorus (Incarnate): Fairy Wind/Dazzling Gleam
  • Pinsir (Mega): Bug Bite/X-Scissor
  • Toxicroak (Shadow): Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Gardevoir (Shadow): Charm/Dazzling Gleam
  • Blaziken (Shadow): Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Beedrill (Mega): Bug Bite/X-Scissor
  • Volcarona: Bug Bite/Bug Buzz
  • Lopunny (Mega): Double Kick/Focus Blast
  • Granbull (Shadow): Charm/Play Rough
  • Machamp: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Xurkitree: Thunder Shock/Dazzling Gleam
  • Sirfetch’d (Shadow): Counter/Close Combat
  • Scizor (Mega): Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
  • Cobalion: Double Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Hariyama: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Hawlucha: Low Kick/Flying Press
  • Pinsir (Shadow): Bug Bite/X-Scissor
  • Xerneas: Geomancy/Moonblast
  • Scizor (Shadow): Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
  • Virizion: Counter/Sacred Sword
  • Buzzwole: Double Kick/Superpower
  • Togekiss: Charm/Aura Sphere
  • Alakazam (Shadow): Counter/Dazzling Gleam
Pokémon Go Mega Absol counters
Image via Niantic

You should try to fight Mega Absol in Cloudy weather if you are playing as a duo with high-level counters as this will provide you with even more of an advantage. One thing you need to make sure about is that you use your best Fighting and Fairy-type Pokémon in this scenario as they get boosted in this weather.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Mega Absol counters in Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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