Version 1.3 for Reverse: 1999 is now live, bringing a host of features, optimizations, characters, and events. One notable addition is the time-limited event called Home Practice. With the version 1.3 banners along the way, you can utilize this Reverse: 1999 Shamane Build Guide which is crafted to help you maximize and build Shamane’s potential in the game.

Immerse yourself in the Reverse: 1999 universe, exploring various eras, solving puzzles, and engaging in captivating battles. Discover the key improvements and events introduced in the 1.3 update, and utilize resources such as a tier list, beginners guide, reroll guide, and currency guide to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Shamane’s Playstyle in Reverse: 1999

Shamane is a versatile 6-star Support Beast-type character. He excels in debuffs, deals decent damage, and provides AP (Ability Power) generosity. His Spirit Medium skill lowers both Reality and Mental DEF while increasing damage taken. This sets him apart from other Arcanists like Bkornblume and Baby Blue, as he targets both DEF stats simultaneously, offering more team-building options.

Reverse 1999 Shamane
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Shamane’s Insight 1, 3, and “Apprentice’s Dance” skills allow him to stack the [Nature’s Blessing] buff. When he uses his Ultimate, “Edict of Atman,” this buff is consumed, refunding him Moxie based on the stacks. With proper play, Shamane can cast “Edict of Atman” multiple times in a row, dealing significant damage thanks to its increased base Crit Rate.

Reverse: 1999 Shamane Character Insight Level-up Material

In Reverse: 1999, enhancing the power of your characters is crucial, and one key aspect is upgrading their Insight Levels. Shamane, the versatile 6-star Support with the Beast affinity, gains significant benefits with each Insight Level, making him an even more formidable asset to your team. Below, we’ll explore the materials needed to level up Shamane’s Insight and the associated bonuses that come with each stage.

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Insight I

For each [Stats Down] status on the target, the attack enjoys DMG Dealt +8% (max: +24%). When the caster enters battle, gains 2 stacks of [Nature’s Blessing]

  • Sharpodonty x18000
  • Thirst Page of Beastly Thirst x6
  • Shattered Bones x6
  • Milled Magnesia x5

Insight II

DMG Dealt +8% when the caster enters battle.

  • Sharpodonty x40000
  • Scroll of Beastly Thirst x6
  • Spell of Fortune x6
  • Clawed Pendulum x3

Insight II

At the start of every 2 rounds, gains 1 stack of [Nature’s Blessing].

  • Sharpodonty x200000
  • Tome of Beastly Thirst x6
  • Silver Bullet x6
  • Mistilteinn x5

Best Psychubes for Shamane in Reverse: 1999

In version 1.3, Shamane is tailored to the exclusive Psychube called “The Carat of the Heart“, which you can get as a reward for the update. To maximize its benefits, it’s recommended to enhance it to at least level 2 for optimal passive effects.

Alternatively, you can consider using universal options like “Brave New World” or “Her Second Life.” The latter serves as a valuable healing source for your team, especially when Shamane frequently uses his Mass Ult ability.

Reverse 1999 Carat of a heart
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The Carat of the Heart (Signature 6-star Psychube)

The Carat of the Heart Psychube is a smart choice for Shamane in Reverse: 1999. When you boost it to at least level 2, it gives a strong advantage by increasing Ultimate Might by 8% or 12% at the end of a round, depending on the Moxie gained. This perfectly fits Shamane’s style of play, making his Ultimate casts more impactful and strategic.

Brave New World (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Opting for Brave New World provides versatility by adding a 20% increase in Incantation Might after each Ultimate cast. This Psychube significantly enhances Shamane’s overall damage output, making it a reliable option for players who aim to maximize their offensive capabilities during battles.

Her Second Life (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

For players who prioritize team sustainability, “Her Second Life” proves to be a valuable choice. After Shamane deploys his Mass Ult, this Psychube grants a substantial HP boost (the carrier’s ATK x32%) to all allies, ensuring essential healing support in prolonged battles and contributing to the overall survivability of the team.

His Bounden Duty (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Conversely, “His Bounden Duty” rewards Shamane’s combat effectiveness by granting an impressive HP increase (the carrier’s ATK x60%) for each defeated enemy target. This Psychube is an excellent fit for players looking to strike a balance between offense and survivability in Shamane’s skillset.

Reverse: 1999 Shamane Best Team


Melania, a standout Damage Dealer in Reverse: 1999, pairs remarkably well with Shamane. Her unique ability to steal Moxie from enemies and build up her ultimate power allows for versatile roles in a team. As a Sub-DPS, Melania efficiently shuts down enemies, making her perfect for quick battles in the Early Game.

Reverse 1999 Melania
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On the other hand, in her Burst DMG role, Melania excels with strategic planning, delivering powerful blows to her targets. This makes her an adaptable companion for Shamane, whose support and versatility complement Melania’s playstyle, ensuring effectiveness across various scenarios and battles.


Centurion, a true powerhouse in Reverse: 1999, forms a formidable duo with Shamane thanks to her versatile playstyles. The “Hot Sauce Expert” passive grants Centurion a bonus of +6% DMG dealt for each Moxie owned, capped at an impressive +30% DMG bonus. This synergy with Shamane’s Moxie generation makes Centurion a force to be reckoned with.

Reverse 1999 Centurion
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Depending on the battle, Centurion can prioritize “Outdoor Expert” for handling multiple enemies or “Victorious General” for strong single-target encounters. The coordination between Centurion’s Moxie-focused mechanics and Shamane’s support abilities creates a dynamic and powerful partnership that excels in diverse battlefield scenarios.

Medicine Pocket

When it comes to healing, Medicine Pocket is an ideal companion for Shamane in Reverse: 1999. Specializing in defense, Medicine Pocket’s “Inherent Habit” skill consistently debuffs the target with +20% Damage Taken, adding a valuable strategic layer to the team’s approach. The healing skill, “Alchemy Ware,” not only provides Mass Heal but also grants a stack of sturdiness to all allies.

Reverse 1999 Medicine Pocket
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This blends seamlessly with Shamane’s supportive role, delivering sustained healing and defensive buffs to the team. The straightforward yet effective healing approach of Medicine Pocket complements Shamane’s versatility, resulting in a well-rounded and resilient team composition. Together, they create a powerful synergy that enhances the overall team performance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, crafting an effective Shamane build in Reverse: 1999 revolves around thoughtful considerations of Psychubes, team composition, and Insight levels. The exclusive Psychube, “The Carat of the Heart,” stands out for enhancing Shamane’s Ultimate Might, while options like “Brave New World” or “Her Second Life” cater to different playstyles.

Team up Shamane with characters like Melania for versatile damage and Centurion for potent synergies. Focus on Insight levels to unlock Shamane’s full potential, tailoring the build to your preferred strategy.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 Shamane Build Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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