With the launch of Version 1.3 in Reverse: 1999, the spotlight is on the Kaalaa Baunaa banner, also known as Black Dwarf. This update brings a range of features, optimizations, characters, and events, including the time-limited Home Practice event. Utilize this Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Build Guide for effective ways to build and maximize the potential of Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) in the game.

Explore the diverse eras, puzzle-solving, and captivating battles within the Reverse: 1999 universe. Explore key improvements and events introduced in the 1.3 update, and make use of resources like tier lists, beginners guides, reroll guides, and a currency guide to elevate your overall gaming experience.

Kaalaa Baunaa Playstyle in Reverse: 1999

Kaalaa Baunaa is a powerful 6-star Carry in Reverse: 1999 belonging to the Mineral type and stands out for her unique playstyle. She focuses on stacking buffs called [Planet]s using her skills and Ultimate. With “Enchanted Strike,” she accumulates layers of [Saturn] for increased Penetration Rate, while “Mythical Meteors” grants her [Mars] stacks, providing Leech Rate.

Reverse 1999 Black Dwarf
Image via Bluepoch

Her Ultimate, Ultimate Perfection,” consumes these [Planet]s, granting [Full Moon] to boost Incantation Might. At Insight 3, it also immediately recasts the corresponding skill for big bursts of damage or healing. Kaalaa Baunaa’s gameplay involves strategic decision-making, choosing between additional damage or self-sustain, making her a unique Carry in the game.

Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Character Insight Level-up Material

In Reverse: 1999, boosting your characters’ strength is vital, and upgrading their Insight Levels plays a crucial role. Kaalaa Baunaa, the powerful 6-star DPS aligned with Mineral Affinity, gains substantial advantages with each Insight Level, making her an even more potent ally for your team. Let’s delve into the materials required to level up Kaalaa Baunaa’s Insight and the bonuses that accompany each stage.

Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Insight
Image via Bluepoch

Insight I

When the [Planet] is removed, gains 1 of the following effects based on the type of planet removed: [Saturn Divination], [Mars Divination], or [Full Moon Divination]. [Saturn Divination]: Penetration Rate +12% (stackable; spent after attack). [Mars Divination]: Leech Rate +12% (stackable; spent after attack). [Full Moon Divination]: Incantation Might +12% (stackable; spent after casting incantation).

  • Sharpodonty x18000
  • Page of Mineral Wealth x6
  • Magnesia Crystal x6
  • Rough Silver Ingot x5

Insight II

Critical Rate +10% when the caster enters battle.

  • Sharpodonty x40000
  • Scroll of Mineral Wealth x6
  • Esoteric Bones x6
  • Prophetic Bird x3

Insight II

After casting the Ultimate, gains 1 effect based on the [Planet] with the largest number removed. When removing 1/2/3 [Saturn]: immediately casts 1/2/3-star [Enchanted Strike] for a follow-up attack on the target. When removing 1/2/3 [Mars]: immediately casts 1/2/3-star [Mythical Meteors] for a follow-up attack on the target. When removing 1/2 [Full Moon]: the caster enters [Empower Incantation II] status for 1/2 rounds.

  • Sharpodonty x200000
  • Tome of Mineral Wealth x6
  • Platinum Ouija x6
  • Golden Fleece x5

Best Psychubes for Kaalaa Baunaa in Reverse: 1999

In Version 1.3, Kaalaa Baunaa enjoys flexibility in selecting her Psychubes due to her focus on critical-centered abilities. To optimize the advantages of her skills, it is advised to carefully choose the most effective options available. Here are the recommended Psychubes for Kaalaa Baunaa:

Reverse 1999 Luxurious Leisure
Image via Bluepoch

Luxurious Leisure (Best 6-star Psychube)

Luxurious Leisure is an excellent choice for Kaalaa Baunaa in Reverse: 1999. After casting a single-target Ultimate, it boosts DMG Dealt by 5%, and this effect stacks up to 3 times. This Psychube synergizes well with Kaalaa Baunaa’s playstyle, enhancing her damage output over consecutive turns, especially during prolonged battles where stacking buffs become increasingly valuable.

The Carat of the Heart (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

The Carat of the Heart is another top-tier option for Kaalaa Baunaa. It provides a significant boost to Ultimate Might, with a potential increase of 8% or 12%, depending on the Moxie gained during the round. Considering Kaalaa Baunaa’s reliance on her Ultimate for significant damage, this Psychube enhances her burst potential and strategic play, making it a valuable addition to her kit.

Thunderous Applause (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Thunderous Applause is a strong choice for Kaalaa Baunaa, focusing on critical hits. With a Critical DMG increase of 16% when a 1-target attack lands a critical hit, this Psychube amplifies the impact of her critical strikes. Given Kaalaa Baunaa‘s potential for high critical rates, Thunderous Applause further elevates her damage potential, making it a reliable option for those emphasizing critical hits in their build.

Tomorrow Also (Alternative 5-star Psychube)

The Tomorrow Also psychube, proves to be a beneficial Psychube for Kaalaa Baunaa. Providing a Critical Rate increase of 10% when she casts an Ultimate, this Psychube enhances her chances of landing critical hits consistently. Considering the importance of critical hits in Kaalaa Baunaa’s damage output, Tomorrow Also complements her playstyle by increasing the frequency of critical hits during Ultimate casts.

Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Best Team


Pickles proves to be an excellent companion for Kaalaa Baunaa in Reverse: 1999, offering versatility, significant damage, and utility. With his passive ability “Preposition,” Pickles gains moxie for free every other round, making him AP-generous.

Reverse 1999 Pickles
Image via Bluepoch

His ultimate, “Thus Spoke Pickles,” not only deals single-target damage but also boosts all allies’ damage by 30%, making him an ideal choice to pair with various teammates, even those with high AP demands. Additionally, Pickles’ “Hedonism Implement” skill can dispel buffs from enemies, adding valuable utility to the team.

An-an Lee

An-an Lee stands out as an exceptional support choice for Kaalaa Baunaa due to her versatility and powerful buffing abilities. With her passive alternating between Break Time and Exorcism Time, An-an Lee becomes a potent buffer during Break Time.

Reverse 1999 An an Lee
Image via Bluepoch

She can apply buffs to the team and transform into a damage-dealing force during [Exorcism Time]. Mastering the flow of her playstyle is crucial, allowing her to consistently provide strong buffs and deal bursts of damage when needed.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy takes on the role of healer for Kaalaa Baunaa, bringing critical strike synergy to the team. With abilities like “Empty Gums” and Insight 1, Tooth Fairy inflicts debuffs that enhance the team’s crit rate and crit damage. Her ultimate, “Song for the Bad Tooth,” not only provides consistent healing but can also cleanse all debuffs from the team if it lands a critical hit.

Reverse 1999 Tooth Fairy
Image via Bluepoch

While she may lack tankiness and face challenges with increasing enemy Crit Res stats, Tooth Fairy excels in supporting crit-oriented characters like Kaalaa Baunaa, Lilya, Regulus, Melania, Centurion, and Jessica.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up the Kaalaa Baunaa Build Guide for Reverse: 1999, focusing on her critical-centered abilities and versatile playstyle is key. When selecting Psychubes, options like Luxurious Leisure and The Carat of the Heart enhance her damage potential and Ultimate performance. Pairing her with characters like Pickles for utility and An-an Lee for versatile buffs complements Kaalaa Baunaa’s strengths.

Managing Insight levels, especially reaching Insight 3 for additional skill recasts, boosts her effectiveness. Keep in mind her AP-greedy nature and ensure a well-balanced team to maximize Kaalaa Baunaa’s potential. Experiment with different strategies, adapting to her unique skill set, and unleash the power of this formidable Mineral Afflatus DPS in your Reverse: 1999 adventures.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Build Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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