One of the prominent developers and publishers in the mobile gaming industry, Netmarble, has introduced the 5th-anniversary update for its expansive mobile RPG, Blade & Soul Revolution. To commemorate its fifth global launch anniversary, gamers now have access to an array of fresh content such as the latest addition of the New Original Class Demolisher character, the BSR16 server, engaging in-game events, and additional features.

New original class Demolisher debuts in Blade & Soul Revolution

The latest update introduces the New Original Class Demolisher as a playable character, wielding a hammer that, while slow, delivers potent blows to adversaries. Capable of impeding foes’ movement and executing a debilitating Tripshot, this character gains defensive strength with increased attacks and nullifies Crowd Control effects instantly using the Reincarnate skill.

Blade & Soul Revolution March 2023 update, Blade & Soul Revolution Ju;y 2023 update, Blade & Soul Revolution 5th anniversary
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Moreover, players can venture into the freshly unlocked BSR16 server, utilizing Silvers to obtain Colorful Crystals—up to 50,000—through the Colorful Crystal Coin Shop. These crystals enable the purchase of diverse items like Premium Secret Technique Scrolls, the Obsidian Spirit Accessory Bundle, and more. The update also introduces the Radiant Yunma Kahn Legendary Soul Shield, boasting superior stats compared to Jiwan’s Legendary Soul Shield.

Adding depth, the new Guardian Spirit Protection system tailors specific options for each Guardian Spirit, while the Ranking Dungeon offers engaging PvE content for pairs of players, calculating rankings based on dungeon completion time. Players stand to gain assorted rewards applicable to the Guardian Spirit Protection system.

Blade & Soul Revolution celebrates its 5th anniversary with exciting in-game events

Several celebratory activities are planned to mark the game’s 5th anniversary. Participants can partake in the ‘Silver Festival,’ where they’ll have chances to acquire an Ancient Pet, a complete set of +12 Radiant Legendary Equipment, a Legendary Guardian Spirit, a Legendary Skill Badge, a Legendary Gem Chest, and a design for a Legendary Fishing Rod. Moreover, various time-limited events are currently open to all players, featuring:

  • Colorful 5th Anniversary 28-Day Check-in (Dec. 5 – Jan. 17): During the event period, players can receive various rewards by checking in the game such as Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1, Luxurious Legendary Skill Badge Unseal 10+1, Luxurious Legendary Gem Summon 10+1 and Luxurious Legendary Pet Summon.
  • Log in for the 5th Anniversary (Dec. 5 – Jan. 4): Based on players’ time online (30 min./60 min./75 min./ 90 min.), they can earn multiple rewards including the Radiant Enhancement Stone Selection Chest, New Blacksmith’s Crafting Selection Chest, Strength Orb Chest and Mysterious Materials Bundle.
Blade & Soul Revolution July 2023 update, Blade & Soul Revolution 5th anniversary
Image via Netmarble
  • 5th Anniversary Festival Week (Dec. 5 – Jan. 4): Clear in-game missions such as playing Training Ground or participating in Dimensional Rift can earn the 5th Anniversary Treasure Chest, Ancient Fragment, and more.

That is all about the Blade & Soul Revolution 5th anniversary update.

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