Blood Strike is a fast-paced, battle royale game where the Map is one of the most significant aspects of a game. If you identify yourself as a beginner, you must observe and study the map carefully. This helps you to have a thorough knowledge of the best hot drops and locations. The crowded locations would provide them with sufficient loot to survive in a match. Thus, I’ll update you with all the features that the Map inhabits via the Blood Strike map guide.

Additionally, you can check out some redeem codes in the game for some in-game rewards. We also provide essential tips for your journey, including beginner tips, tips to level up, weapon combinations, resource management, and striker and weapon tier lists. And if you face any in-game issues, check our customer support article to connect the devs hassle-free!

Introducing the in-game Map

The game inhabits four game modes where the map comes in usage namely: Battle Royale, Squad Fight, Weapon Master, and Hot Zone. Among these game modes, Squad Fight and Weapon Master provide the players with a random map. The Hot Zone map is a compact and insignificant outline to fight with the opponent strikers. However, Battle Royale is the main game mode where you should be aware of all the locations and features of the Map. 

Project Blood Strike The Valley map
Image via NetEase Games

The Deserted Valley poses as the main Map of Blood Strike. The players are allowed to witness the map while they are in a match. They can hunt for orange symbols on the map, symbolizing Missions that will help them gain high kill points along with other symbols including Capture Mission, Search Mission, Hunt Mission, Supply Post, Vehicle, and Air Route. Also, here is a list of important placements which are crowded in The Valley:

  • Wastewater Plant
  • Airforce Base
  • Energy Station
  • Missile Basement
  • Port
  • Satellite Base
  • Trade Zone
  • Rocket Base
  • Sakura Valley

The above-mentioned list consists of all the important locations in the Deserted Valley. You can understand best through their knowledge and land in an area suitable for seeking loot. The players will witness several buildings, warehouses, and supply posts to get the resources necessary to win a fight.

Best Loot Locations in The Valley map of Blood Strike

Let us get to know about the hot drops the players can come across on the map:

1. Sakura Valley

The main valley area of the map is full of warehouses and supply posts. This is one of the best locations where all the placements or should we say warehouses are full of premium loot, chests, and packs. These help the players to gather the best set of loot from this particular location. 

Project Blood Strike Loot
Image via NetEase Games

There are a total of four supply posts present in the Sakura Valley. The players can purchase guns, ammo, grenades, and other items necessary for the match from the loot they’ve collected so far and continue with their mission with better resources in hand.

2. Rocket Base

The Rocket Base is one of the best locations the players can opt to land on the map. The area is composed of a handful of buildings, warehouses, and supply posts. All these settings have a collection of ordinary and premium chests, packs, and loot cash for the players. 

This particular location also comprises four Supply Posts where enthusiasts can look to buy several itineraries such as weapons, bandages, grenades, and ammo with the use of the loot chest or pack they obtain from the Rocket Base. 

3. Port

Port lies on the edge of the map in Blood Strike for obvious reasons. The players can seek premium loot, chests, and other commodities in the various buildings and warehouses visible from the miniature version of The Valley.

Project Blood Strike Overview of Features
Image via NetEase Games

All kinds of resources ranging from ordinary packs to premium packs, consisting of guns, grenades, and bandages can be found in this particular location on the map. This area again inhabits four Supply Posts. As mentioned above, the players can use the looted cash to get the best weapons and other scraps in their hands to progress toward a clean victory

4. Missile Basement

Missile Basement is another best location the players can come across in the game. It lies almost in the middle portion of the map and is hence convenient for the players to return to the safe zone if they jump at the Missile Basement. The warehouse of the Missile Basements inhabits all sorts of premium loot and packs. This area consists of three supply posts to loot.

The players can even witness vehicles in the area to reach to a new location quickly. But we recommend the players to be careful in this area as Missile Basement, almost being the central area of the map will attract other players in a match as well. Thus, gather all the loot items at a quick pace before the other players reach you and kill them to raise your rank worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Blood Strike is a currently emerging battle royale game that comes with a map having amazing hot drops. Along with these, the players can get to see all the features placed in some areas of the map. As a newbie, they need to have a full understanding of the Deserted Valley. Hence, leap from your aircraft and loot around the map to obtain powerful weapons and other commodities via the Blood Strike map guide.

Did you find our guide on the Map in Blood Strike useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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