Blood Strike is a fast-paced, battle royale game by NetEase Games. Your goal is to go under matchmaking and kill opponent strikers before they attack them to claim victory. The players need to upgrade themselves in tier and level up faster so that they gain kill points and boost their rank across the world. Thus, let me run you through some of the best ways to advance through the Blood Strike Level-up piece.

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How to level up quickly in Blood Strike

These are the following tips to progress at a quick pace in the game:

1. Practice more in the Range

The players are advised to practice in the Range which is a basic training ground. Here, they are provided with a challenge to drool over their shooting skills and speed. In the main challenge, the players ought to kill game bots in the stipulated time to complete the challenge.

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Other than this challenge, the players can try different weapon loadouts and combinations to test their target abilities by practicing over the bots placed in a pattern. This will help polish their skills and give them an advantage in a real match.

2. Level up the Strike Pass

Blood Strike offers three types of Strike Pass which include Free Strike Pass, Elite Strike Pass, and Elite+ Strike Pass. You can access the Elite and Elite+ Strike Pass using real-time money whereas the Free Strike Pass can be acquired for free.

Blood Strike Strike Pass
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The players must focus on competing in several game modes, and participate in tasks, and events to hype up the level of Strike Pass. A higher level ensures a more promising amount of rewards and resources used in Blood Strike as well as boosts the overall performance. 

3. Compete in the Ranked Matches

Battle Royale is composed of two types of modes namely: Ranked and Unranked. The ranked battle royale helps the players earn Rank points via the matches, thus increasing their rank worldwide. The players will randomly be placed over the map against the other striker enemies of the same level.

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The player to survive till the end wins the match. Also, the more time a player holds up in the game, the higher rank points are obtained causing a top shift in the tier of the player.

4. Keep upgrading your Weapons

Weapons are a crucial part of any battle royale game. Blood Strike offers the players diverse classes of weapons to select from. Hence, you need to upgrade and polish their weapons. The more you fight in a match with a particular weapon, the more its level increases.

Blood Strike weapon modification
Image via NetEase Games

Likewise, more commodities required to modify the weapon will be unlocked. You ought to kill a maximum number of opponent strikers in a match to gain rank points and upgrade their weapons.

Final Thoughts

By degrees, progressing ahead in any game is the prime motive of the players. Blood Strike Level-up piece provides you with a solid idea of how they can survive until the end of a fight and kill enemies at a faster rate to be ranked as a Legend over the globe. Thus, follow up on this detailed piece if you’re a newbie to this action world and know the lead ways to level up faster in the game.

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