Blood Strike is a battle royale game developed by NetEase Games where resources are one of the vital elements for the game. These elements are tapped for diverse in-game activities that include purchasing the unlocked strikers, weapons, and the skills of the same during combat. Due to the wide usage of these resources, you should have detailed information about all types of resources. Therefore, I’ve presented a perfect piece via the Blood Strike resource guide on all the substantial currencies you get to peer in the game and how to earn them effortlessly.

Additionally, you can check out some redeem codes in the game for some in-game rewards. We also provide essential tips for your journey, including beginner tipstips to level upmap guides, weapon combinations, and striker and weapon tier lists. And if you face any in-game issues, check our customer support article to connect the devs hassle-free!

Paid Resources in Blood Strike

Blood Strike comprises two types of resources. The first one includes the Paid Resources:


Gold is the only form of Paid currency the players get to witness in Blood Strike. This significant resource is used in unfastening the locked strikers the game inhabits and purchasing Skin chests and packs. The players can acquire them as a top-up via the Mall as well as through participating in Tasks and various Events.

Free Resources in Blood Strike

The second category of resources includes Free Resources:

1. Reputation

Reputation is another form of currency however not paid. This particular currency can be used in various in-game activities such as purchasing locked characters, weapons, Camouflage chests, and packs. It can also be used for buying bone stickers which are used to decorate any gun. Reputation can be obtained via the Free Strike Pass and by participating in Tasks and Events held in the game.

2. Weapon Bonus EXP

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Weapon Bonus EXP is a form of resource used to double the EXPs of weapons. When in effect, this resource grants double Weapon EXP in the next match the player begins. These can be obtained via completing Events and winning The Valley matches.

3. Striker Bonus EXP

Striker Bonus EXP is another form of bonus EXP the players can witness within the game. Its operation is similar to the usage of the Weapon Bonus EXP. When in effect, this particular resource grants double Striker EXP in the next match the player fights. These can also be obtained via completing Events and winning The Valley matches.

How to earn Resources easily in Blood Strike

1. Purchasing from the Mall

Mall is a section in Blood Strike where the players can be involved in Rep Gacha, purchase Skin, Camouflage, and Strike. This section is an excellent source of Gold in case there is a shortage.

Image via NetEase Games

The players can purchase Gold as a top-up using real-time transaction money from the Top Up section and the required quantity will immediately be transferred to their account.

2. Completing Tasks

The game organizes some particular tasks for the players to complete. There are usually two variations and likewise, this game comprises Daily and Weekly Tasks.

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As the name suggests, you should complete them within a day and week’s slot respectively, and they renew after the allotted time slot is over. The players can obtain Reputations, Weapon, Striker Bonus EXPs, and other items used in Blood Strike.

3. Through the Strike Pass

As to having a prominent gacha system, the game also offers rewards from the Strike Pass. There are two types of Strike Pass which include a Free Strike Pass, Elite Strike Pass, and Elite+ Strike Pass. You can access the rewards from both the Elite passes using real-time money.

Blood Strike Strike Pass
Image via NetEase Games

On the other hand, the rewards which the Free Strike Pass has to offer can be acquired without any hustle. The players can mainly obtain tons of Reputation with the pass as they progress and level up their profile.

4. Participating in Events

Blood Strike offers players the chance to participate in exciting events that are composed of adventurous challenges and resources. There are events renew week after week along with other missions that it assigns the players on a fixed interval.

Image via NetEase Games

Completing these will boost the chance to collect loot items from the battlefield hence providing the players with crucial resources they require in the game. Hence, it is necessary to stay active during events and check on their missions regularly.

Final Thoughts

Blood Strike is an outstanding battle royale game with a collection of all the important resources. Along with other important features in the game, these vital resources are a necessity in case of utmost demand. The newbies will now be aware of all the use and ways to acquire them easily through the in-game activities. Thus, I recommend following up on this detailed Blood Strike resource guide piece to get knowledge about the valuable resources and how to earn them readily.

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