Coming from the house of Ninja Kiwi’s most successful games, Bloons TD 6 comes with more exciting battles and more heroes and monkeys to be explored. In Bloons tower defense, your tower positioning is the main key. However, with hundreds of possible heroes and monkeys that you can try, it is recommended to pay attention to this combination. We will list out our best heroes and monkeys in our Bloons TD 6 Tier List based on each ability, list out the best recommendations

The best hero combination will help you defeat the enemy more easily. Therefore, it will be best if you know which hero will be suitable for you. Don’t worry, we will show you the Bloon 6 Tower defense hero tier list, monkey tower list, and also the best combination that you can try.

Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List for February 2024

The hero tier list will be ranked based on its ability. There will be 5 tiers (S+ until C) and we will give you recommended hero in each tier. There will be a brief explanation and recommendations for maximizing each hero’s ability.

Tier Heroes
Overpowered (S+) Adora,
Strong (S) Obyn Greenfoot,
Good (A) Gwendolyn,
Pat Fusty
Average (B) Captain Churchill,
Admiral Brickell,
Striker Jones,
Weak (C) Quincy,


adore bloons td 6

Adora is one of the most recommended heroes that you have to get, especially if you manage to make the ultimate combo consisting of Adora, Ninja, and Alchemist. Her ability to see through the wall will help you, even more, Adora is one of the heroes that have no real weakness.


sauda bloons td 6

Sauda will become one of your reliable heroes as she prowess high pierce, speed attack, and built-in camo detection. One thing that you have to pay attention to is Sauda’s weakness as she has limited range.


benjamin bloons td 6

Benjamin is very recommended for new players for his exceptional abilities. He will produce you cash while he has regenerated ability that will make him sustain until the late game.

Pat Fusty

pat fusty bloons td 6

With its Rallying Roar, Pat Fusty will add stuns and knockback enemies that will help you stall and lock enemies.

Captain Churchill

captain churchill bloons td 6

Captain Churchill will help you deal a lot of damage as he is a pure DPS hero, but you have to consider before putting Captain Churchill as he is overpowering depending on the map, and he is so expensive that you will need more time and resources to upgrade him.


ezili bloons td 6

Ezili can take down Big Airship of Doom (at level 20) but she really suffers until she gets to the late game and compared to other heroes above, she is the worst.

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Tier List for February 2024

The monkey tier list will be ranked based on its ability. There will be 6 tiers (S+ until D) and we will give you recommended monkeys in each tier. There will be a brief explanation and recommendations for maximizing each hero’s ability.

Tier Monkeys
Overpowered (S+) Sub Monkey,
Ninja Monkey,
Spike Factory,
Heli Pilot,
Monkey Village
Strong (S) Boomerang Monkey,
Bomb Shooter,
Mortar Monkey,
Glue Gunner
Good (A) Alchemist Monkey,
Super Monkey,
Monkey Ace
Average (B) Tack Shooter,
Ice Monkey,
Buccaneer Monkey,
Wizard Monkey,
Dartling Gunner
Weak (C) Sniper Monkey,
Engineer Monkey
Poor (D) Dart Monkey

The monkey is ranked based on its values, upgrades, and endgame performance. The later the game, the price to upgrade the hero will increase as well, but it is important to know which monkeys will help you throughout the late game. It will be best if you start the games with a cheap combo as you can sell the monkey later. However, knowing which one has better use in the late game will be best for you.

There are so many combinations that you can try in Bloons TD 6 but we will give you the best combinations that will give you good insight. The following are good combinations based on their synergy, and also their performance whether in the early or late games.

1. Ninja, Alchemist, Super and Spike Factory

One of the most powerful combos in current META. It’s an early game powerhouse and carries through to the endgame. Alchemist monkey with stronger stimulant pair with faster throwing. Sun avatar and powerful Knockback Ultra vision combo from Super Monkey will complete Spike Factory that will speed up your production.

2. Adora and Ninja Monkey

Adora and Ninja Monkey are a match made in heaven. The main reason why this setup works is that they synergize well together, and they are cheap. You can save a ton of money for your endgame build by having these two take care of business.

3. Spike Factory and Ice Monkey

This combo will help you slow down your enemy with eyes monkey to make the bloons stay on the screen longer. the Perma-Spike dishes out more damage the longer enemies are on the screen, making this an excellent combination on even the most challenging rounds.

Final Thoughts

The positioning and combination of your monkey and heroes will be significant to win the battle. With so many combinations that you can try, the hero and monkey tier list will give you a good insight into which hero or monkey you have to utilize as your early and late game will become the main factor for the success of your game. Therefore, it is recommended to know which hero will help you better in the game and which basic combination you can try before you make your combos.

That’s all for today’s Bloons TD 6 Tier List for December 2022. Did you find our tier list helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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