Captain Tsubasa: Ace has finally received its global launch, as the action-packed football journey from DeNA is already hitting your phone screens. This isn’t your ordinary football game, as it does have the core gameplay but deviates to a more visual experience. So, let us head over with a detailed Beginners Guide for Captain Tsubasa Ace and learn some important tips for the same.

Speaking of the game, you get to experience captivating 3D animations with a complete roster of popular players making their debuts, as you can relive the legendary football development journey of characters like Tsubasa Ozora in thrilling 3D animations. We have previously covered a free codes guide to redeem in the game for freebies as well as customer support and a reroll guide to help you with the mentioned essentials, so do check them out!

Gameplay Overview

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay has a football core but it’s a bit different. you know, picking players and setting up formations, all there. The difference is that the gameplay is more visual, not just your regular passing and shooting routine. Here, you get to play and create special skill moves, which adds a whole new level of excitement.

Captain Tsubasa Ace gameplay
Image via DeNa

Every tackle, block, and crucial moment in the match is highlighted with special animations, adding an exciting touch to the gameplay. The player recruitment system operates on a gacha mechanism, and Instructors adhere to a fixed formation, you can even have different tactics selected too. So, saying this game to be an over-the-top filmy football game wouldn’t be wrong.

Understanding the Basics in Captain Tsubasa Ace

Well, the most confusing part of the game has to be the Menus. I found it tough at the beginning to get exactly what every menu option meant, so I’ll brief a bit on the same. On the right side of your screen, you will have the Events, Tournaments, and Recruitments. Below at the bottom, you have the options for your Squad and Collectibles, with the emblem icon representing Clubs, which you can either create and recruit or join.

captain tsubasa ace main menu
Image via DeNA

Left are the ones you need to see for your Missions. If a section is highlighted, then remember that the mission has been completed and you need to collect it. Just below the missions, you have the Tournament section in a ranked format, where you can participate to earn more game rewards. The Global Chat is just below the Tournament option.


Let us get down to the resources now. You have two major resources, Silver Ball and Golden Ball.

  • Silver Ball: The basic currency in the game. Can be used to develop players in the game and the team management for tactics.
  • Golden Ball: The premium resource in the game. While it can be used to accumulate more Silver Balls, it has its very own shop where you can get Dream Rally Vouchers, Energy Packs, and more for your squad.

We have discussed the major currencies, let us move to other available resources, that you can use for training or recruitment of players. You have multiple rarities for some of the items, such as Normal, Rare, and Legendary.

  • Vouchers: Used for the recruitment of the players. You have currently Dream Rally and Glorious Journey Vouchers for recruitment, where the latter gives you a better probability of picks.
  • Energy Drink: Used to increase Player EXP. Comes in different rarities.
  • Energy Food: Used to restore Player Fitness.
  • Tactical Refinement: A card used for level up of any tactic. Comes in different rarities.
  • Boots: Increase the skill level of players. A particular rarity of boot works on a particular rarity of players. For example, Silver Boot can be used on Rare players only, while Golden Boot can work on both Legendary and Rare players.
  • Medallion: Used to exchange players. Can be obtained from Ace Showdown mode.


Coming to the controls part, we have a D + 4 system, where a D-Pad is used to control the movement of the players, and the 4 system is the different plays, which will switch from offense to defense whenever needed. You will have a dash option, long and short pass options, and shoot in attacking whereas Tackle, Slide Tackle, Follow, and Switching player options are activated during defense.

captain tsubasa ace player gameplay
Image via DeNA

Shooting is a major aspect of the game. You will have to press and hold every shot you take until the bar is filled, or else you will just stand idle. There aren’t through passing or double pressing options in the controls, so 1v1 defending is something you should get a hang of. At the top, you also have an option of Tactical Mode, where the game will simulate itself for you, without any need for your input. A complete match will directly simulate the result for you, but that is rarely activated.

Squad Management: Recruitment, Players, and Instructors


Before moving to the Squad basics, let us learn about Recruitment, which becomes the most essential part of your team management, as you will have to pick the best players for your squad. You shall do so with the recruitment section with the help of Dream Rally Vouchers and Glorious Journey Vouchers. Before doing so, I recommend you check the preview to see the probability of pulling players.


Coming to players, we have three different tiers: SSR, SR, and R with the in-game positions being Forward (FW), Midfielder (MF), Defender (DF), and Goalkeeper (GK). Once claimed, you can head over to the Lineup section, where you can see your active lineup and alter changes. Simply tap on any player to access all actions related to that specific player.

captain tsubasa ace player breakthrough
Image via DeNA

You will have four sections to take note of, with Skills and Training being the most important. Now, coming to upgrades, you can begin by leveling up the player through auto-training as well, utilizing EXP earned from offline mode play. Leveling up prompts a potential breakthrough, needing a specific mark based on the player’s style, indicated by a Star in the card, which can be done up to a maximum of 5.

These will help in unlocking more skills for a specific player, thus adding a boost to his stats. Additionally, in the tactics section, you can introduce or enhance a tactic to boost a player’s stats. You need not see these individually, but in the More section, you can view your squad in Tactic and Skill views for better understanding.


As I have mentioned earlier, Instructors/Managers are integral for formations and strategy for your squad. Each Instructor will have an upgrade in levels, that you will find on their respective pages. You can complete an upgrade if you have the necessary materials to upgrade (indicated in green). A speech bubble indicates what exactly the Instructor wants you to do in the match.

captain tsubasa ace instructor upgrade
Image via DeNA

Each instructor will have multiple strategies you can employ, which unlock as you upgrade his coaching, which in turn gives a rating bonus. Compatibility can be increased by playing the right player at the right positions. By default, will have one Tactical Instructor unlocked for you. If you want to unlock another option, make use of an Employment Agreement token, which can be obtained via Events.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips in our Captain Tsubasa Ace beginners guide for amateurs to learn the game and advance easily.

1. Make use of auto-deploy for starters

For beginners, a straightforward method to assemble a robust team is to leverage the auto-deploy feature. This option allows players to have their team automatically selected, streamlining the process and ensuring a strong lineup without the need for manual selection.

2. Keep your team fit and energized

captain tsubasa ace player energy
Image via DeNA

Not many will pay attention to this, but maintaining the fitness and energy levels of your team needs consistent player performance. In the More option within the lineup, prioritize the Physical Fitness option. Opt for the Quick Restore setting to efficiently rejuvenate the entire team. If you have specific players in mind that require restoration, you can tailor this option to address their needs individually, ensuring a well-energized and top-performing squad.

3. Missions equal more rewards

Missions are important as they present a large pool of rewards. Keep an eye on the same as you are preparing for the tournaments and other options presented to you in the game. See which mission is easy to claim rewards from, and then plan your next move.

4. Offline is the way to go

captain tsubasa ace field trial
Image via DeNA

Explore the offline mode, Football Field Trial, offering various match types for abundant rewards. These matches not only provide valuable rewards but also serve as crucial training sessions for your team, enhancing your skills to climb the online rank ladder. Passionate Journey and Potential Special training can be a great start to your journey.

5. Simple controls for the win

Here’s a helpful tip to keep in mind as you navigate through increasingly challenging games. In offense, utilizing passive skill, and in defense, employing the follow option, have proven to be simple yet highly efficient strategies. The following option, in particular, brings an easy ball recovery thanks to the players’ skills, making it easier for you to navigate the challenges in the game as you progress.

Final Thoughts

Well, this game isn’t very user-friendly at times, but they have a good description of the items given. So, for beginners, I felt it wouldn’t be much of a trouble even if they are new to the genre. The gameplay is decent to understand which you wouldn’t find troubling if you have played football games before. If not, this beginner’s guide is enough to help you understand, which I recommend you to get in touch with before entering the world of Captain Tsubasa Ace.

That’s all from us for the Captain Tsubasa Ace Beginners Guide! Did you find our Captain Tsubasa Ace Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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