Sagar Thakur, who goes by the name Maxtern, a popular gaming creator, is involved in a controversy where Elvish Yadav, the Indian YouTube content creator who gained fame from the reality show Bigg Boss, is accused of attacking Maxtern. This controversy has boiled to a point where there is an FIR registered on Elvish, with plenty of influencers and YouTubers coming out and taking sides.

The controversy started with Maxtern poking fun at Elvish

The heart of the matter starts with Maxtern calling out Elvish on X (formerly Twitter) with a couple of memes targetted at the latter, to which Elvish had responded in a threatening way reminding Maxtern that “you also reside in Delhi”, to which Maxtern responded with a cheeky “thanks”. While I see nothing harmful here, this “online fight” took a wild turn.

Things looked to have escalated from here, where a chat shared by the gaming creator indicated that both were to meet in Gurgaon.

Sagar also shared snippets and videos of his journey to the place, moments before the altercation occurred. After a while, Maxtern dropped another video of him that suggested a “physical fight” between the two occurred, where he accused Elvish of handicapping him with 8-10 men and being hurt.

Moments later, the video of the altercation was shared on social media, which quickly went viral. in this video, in what appears to be a hidden camera setup, Elvish arrives at a shop with a few men with him and hurled punches at Maxtern (in green) without thinking twice, while also getting aid from his friends to hold the gamer down.

The full story was later confirmed by Maxtern, as he claimed he was brutally attacked and assaulted by Elvish Yadav, who openly issued death threats.

Despite clear evidence of attempted murder, Maxtern questions why murder charges haven’t been included, suspecting influence and protection from the state government. He urges authorities to register an FIR against Elvish with non-bailable charges for attempted murder and demands to arrest Elvish Yadav, holding him accountable for any future harm.

Elvish shares his side of story, says Sagar’s “threats” provoked the action

Aftermath, on March 9, 2024, Elvish Yadav took to his official Twitter account, sharing his side of the story. In a 13-minute video, he mentions that his intentions at first were never to harm or hurt Maxtern, even though frustrated with the constant poking of the gamer on social media for 8 months.

He says he contacted Sagar via call and asked him for a normal chat at his place. However, he admits being triggered when Maxtern started hurling abuses at his parents and threatened to “burn you and your family alive”, leading to his actions that went viral.

Elvish also alleges that Sagar took advantage of Elvish’s anger towards him, and since he knew what would happen, he had setup the camera in such a way that he would come out in a favourable light. Additionally, he emphasizes that none of Maxtern’s friends came to his aid during the altercation, while his friends intervened to stop the fight and protect Maxtern.

This Maxtern vs Elvish controversy could have been avoided without an aggressive escalation

With many influencers coming out and taking sides, the video surfacing online is more damaging to Elvish rather than Maxtern. The Gurugram police have registered a case against Elvish Yadav under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including assault and criminal intimidation.

Well, if you were to ask me whose side to take in here with this Maxtern versus Elvish controversy, I’m going to stay diplomatic. Well, not that I don’t see what’s right or wrong, but here I feel there is a mistake from both sides. While I think Maxtern shouldn’t have provoked Elvish without reason, a need for a physical brawl from Elvish wasn’t the right thing either. Now, we shall need to see how this will unfold.

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