Granny’s House- Multiplayer Horror Escapes, developed by Update Games, is a multiplayer survival horror arcade mobile game, free to download on Google Play and App Store. Taking up space of about 91 MB of storage and with over 5 million downloads, Granny’s House has become a household name for horror game fanatics all over the world. Players enjoy Granny’s House due to the ease at which they can get started and appreciate the game’s diverse features all the while feeling engulfed by the game’s spine-tingling horror atmosphere. In this Granny’s House guide, we will look at different game modes and some additional tips for beginners.

The Premise

The premise of Granny’s House is simple. It makes use of the hide and seek concept and elevates it, transforming the hiders into children, who become essentially “runners“. The grannies become the seekers. There are different modes of this game which provides a multitude of different experiences for the players. This helps to keep the game fresh, competitive and non-repetitive. In this Granny’s House guide, we’ll discuss each of them.

Granny’s House Game Modes


This is a PvP mode where the number of participants is 8. There are 2 Grannies and 6 children (who are also known as Dorothy) in a usual Escape mode match-up. Dorothy’s team is to gather all three of the hidden keys that have been spread around the mansion. Upon finding the keys, they are to start unlocking locked doors to escape. The Granny’s task is to capture and cage all from Dorothy’s team before any of them escape. This will prevent the already captured children from being freed by their teammates.

Granny's House Guide
Different modes in the game

The children are weaponized with rocks that they can throw at the Granny to temporarily stun her. The Granny carries around a large stick which allows her to strike at the children if they are within a certain radius of Granny and capture them. The Granny can also set traps which would slow the children down. Once a child is caught, they have to wait in the prison until another teammate comes by and rescues them. If even a single child escapes, however, Dorothy’s team wins. If the Grannies lock up every member of Dorothy’s team and ensure that no one escapes from the house, the Grannies win. 

Escape (Items)

This is also a PvP mode that has the same rules as the Escape mode, with a few minor changes. The Grannies here can choose other skills that are not limited to setting traps alone. The children’s ammo of stones is limited compared to the Escape mode but they are allowed to collect stones when they are imprisoned. Dorothy’s team is also able to collect items on the map that help them fight against the Grannies.

Granny’s House Story Mode

Granny's House Guide
Choose from 6 classes in the Story Mode

This is an online PvE mode where all the players play the role of children who have been captured by Granny and must escape from the mansion by clearing all the stages and defeating all the enemies. Each player plays a different role as part of the escaping team. There are 6 roles to play in this mode:


This role enables the player to set up bombs and wait for them to explode. The bombs are usually set up where multiple Grannies are standing to attack them all at once. There is a cooldown involved, however, as players are limited to setting up only 3 bombs at once.


The Thrower throws stones at the Grannies. There is a cooldown here as well.


The trapper sets up traps to ensure that the Grannies deal damage and renders them temporarily unable to move.


This role enables players to create a poisonous radius engulfing the Grannies where they deal damage and get slowed down.


The Beater sets up a scarecrow that draws a few Grannies’ attention. Upon destroying the scarecrow, the Grannies deal damage to themselves.


The Healer heals teammates by creating a circle where the escaping team members can stand and get healed. If the children are within the healing radius when getting hit by Grannies, they deal 25% less damage from Grannies’ strikes.

Craft Mode

This mode enables players to create their own maps which they can use to play with friends. This is done by creating a room and inviting friends who players have added within the game to join the room or by joining others’ rooms using passwords that stop random strangers from joining.


This mode limits the number of participants to 6. One Granny is chosen randomly as soon as the game begins and the five survivors are tasked with finding Torches in random places in the mansion and then collecting Embers. Players attach the Embers to Braziers, which are three in total.

The escaping team is freed when 5 Embers have been attached to each Brazier. The Granny will be able to turn off the Braziers if they are not fully complete, but once a Brazier is full, it cannot be extinguished by the Granny. The Granny’s job is to catch all the children and stop the Braziers from getting Embers attached to them.

The Granny is stronger in this mode compared to others as she possesses the ability to rush to wherever she wants. Users playing as the children get random abilities from Story mode within the game to help defend themselves.


This mode is unique compared to others. In this mode, users play both the roles of a Granny and a survivor in the same game. Most importantly, there are no teams in Infection mode. One or two players (depending on the total number of participants) are randomly selected as Grannies while the rest are children trying to escape.

Once a Granny catches any Dorothy, the player previously playing as a Granny becomes Dorothy and the captured Dorothy becomes Granny and the cycle continues. Once Dorothy collects all the required items, the player will be able to escape and win.


At least 4 and at most 8 players can participate in this mode. An even number of participants is required because players are divided into two teams. Each team is tasked with taking over statues, with one team member from each team being the Granny and tasked with capturing the opponent team’s children.

Granny’s House Guide: Some Tips to remember

Granny's House Guide
Evade from the Granny’s House to win

1. Collect Points Easily

Players should not forget to collect daily rewards from the mailbox and are recommended to play as much as they can to gain experience points and earn cool rewards. In-game missions can be completed to earn points. Do not forget daily and weekly missions and events too.

2. Outsmart Granny

Like Dorothy, players can outsmart Granny by choosing to go around a solid object in the loop while avoiding Granny until they find a way to escape. Players need to ensure that they keep their distance from the solid objects as Granny’s attacks can go through them. If the Granny catches up, a sudden back turn from Dorothy towards Granny will make her miss her strike. Players are also recommended to utilize small holes through which Granny cannot pass. Spamming jump when a Granny is near also helps as they can miss their attacks.

3. Weapons

Players can upgrade their weapons to make them more powerful. It is recommended that players find whatever weapon they are comfortable with the most and upgrade it.

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