Activision has released a new public test build for Season 2 2024 of Call of Duty Mobile. Just like the previous test servers, the COD Mobile Season 2 2024 Test Server is now out for both Android and iOS devices. This CODM Season 2 test server is filled with content for players to try out like new weapons, weapons balance changes, new maps, and more.

How to download and play the COD Mobile Season 2 2024 Test Server

It is finally time, as the Public Test Build for Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024 is here! This test server has begun on January 19th, 2024 (PT). This time around, there are two different versions, 32-bit and 64-bit. For anyone unfamiliar, 64-bit is more suited for higher-end devices while 32-bit is generally more suited for lower-end devices.

If you have no trouble running the most demanding graphics settings in the game’s current version, we advise against downloading the 64-bit version. The COD Mobile Season 2 2024 test server can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices using the instructions below.

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COD Mobile Season 2 2024 Test Server is out now

How to Download on Android devices

  1. Download the 32-bit APK file, which is suited for lower-end devices by clicking here, or the 64-bit APK file (for higher-end devices) by clicking here.
  2. Players should make sure the phone has enough space, as the initial download size is about 700-800 MB, and then install the file.
  3. Allow installation from unknown sources if it is not on already.
  4. Now you can play Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024 Test Server.

How to Download on iOS devices

  1. For iOS players, you will just need to have Apple’s Testflight application installed on your phone from here
  2. Once Testflight is downloaded, you can get access to the COD Mobile Test Server.
  3. That’s it. Now you can play the COD Mobile Season 2 2024 Test Server on your iPhone or iPad.

Now, before downloading the CODM Season 2 2024 Test Server, there are some points that must be gone through.

  • The file size is 700-800 MB initially.
  • Keep in mind that in this test build, Activision only allows the first 30k players for Android and iOS players to enter into the Public Test Server. So make sure you hurry up a little if you want to save yourself a spot on the Test server.
  • All the information and data will be wiped out at the end of the test.

As always, everything seen in the build might not be complete, might be glitchy, might have placeholder text or artwork, or might not be included in the upcoming version. Also, this build and file are separate from the main build. As a result, there is no need to modify or remove the primary COD Mobile application. Another application that is run separately will be installed.

COD Mobile Season 2 2024 Leaks: New weapons, features and more slated to come in the next season

New Weapons


In recent data mining efforts by eminent COD Mobile leaker AlyanGamer, a previously undisclosed assault rifle has been discovered within the game files which is codenamed Type19. It appears that this formidable firearm is set to receive a Mythic Blueprint, indicating a prestigious and powerful designation. It’s important to note that the name of this weapon is currently tentative and subject to alteration until an official announcement is made.

The newfound assault rifle in CODM, concealed within the intricate coding of the game, suggests that players can anticipate the introduction of a cutting-edge and high-performance firearm. The Mythic Blueprint associated with the weapon implies a level of rarity and potency that may elevate its status among other in-game armaments.

As developers work diligently to finalize details and optimize the weapon’s characteristics, the gaming community remains in anticipation of the official revelation of this exciting addition. Until the name is formally disclosed, players can only speculate about the potential features and attributes that this mystery assault rifle might bring to the virtual battlefield.

New LMG – MG42

A recently discovered addition in the game files hints at an upcoming Light Machine Gun (LMG) that is generating considerable excitement among the gaming community. This unreleased LMG, identified as the MG42, stands out due to its remarkable rate-of-fire, suggesting a weapon designed for intense and sustained combat scenarios. Known for its historical significance, the MG42 was last prominently featured in Vanguard, further fueling anticipation for its arrival in the current game.

The distinctive feature of the MG42 lies in its ability to unleash an extreme rate-of-fire, providing players with a potent tool to suppress enemy forces effectively, particularly at medium range. The incorporation of such a weapon suggests a strategic advantage for players seeking to control the battlefield and deter opponents through sheer firepower.

Despite the exhilarating revelation of the MG42, there is currently no available information on the specific timeline for its introduction into the game. As players eagerly await more details on its release, the anticipation surrounding this LMG continues to grow, sparking discussions about potential strategies and loadouts that may arise with its inclusion.

The historic legacy of the MG42, coupled with its formidable in-game characteristics, adds an extra layer of intrigue to the impending arrival of this new LMG. As developers work diligently to fine-tune and balance its performance, the gaming community remains on the edge of their seats, eager for the official announcement that will unveil the MG42’s role in shaping the virtual battleground.

New feature: Favourite

In a recent development within the gaming landscape, a new and user-friendly feature has been uncovered in the game files, bringing heightened convenience to players. This innovative addition is aptly named “Favourite,” presenting an efficient means for players to curate their gaming experience by personalizing quick access to preferred items such as weapon skins, characters, and vehicles.

The “Favourite” feature allows players to seamlessly mark and designate certain weapon skins, characters, and vehicles as their favorites. This, in turn, streamlines the process of accessing and implementing these choices during gameplay, presenting a tailored and expedited approach to the gaming interface.

With this feature, players now have the ability to prioritize and highlight specific elements of their virtual arsenal that resonate with their individual preferences. Whether it’s a distinctive weapon skin that complements their style, a favored character with unique abilities, or a preferred vehicle for navigating the game world, the “Favourite” feature grants players the freedom to curate their in-game experience according to their preferences.

New Map: Nuketown 2065

In a recent preview of what promises to be an exhilarating addition to the gaming experience, details about the Nuketown 2065 Showcase have emerged from the game’s promotional materials. The renowned map, originating from Black Ops 3 (BO3), is set to undergo a captivating transformation, featuring a Lunar New Year theme that injects a festive atmosphere into the familiar urban battleground. Moreover, the showcase reveals a striking nighttime backdrop, adding an immersive layer to the gameplay.

The promotional image provides a glimpse into the vibrant Lunar New Year theme, with traditional elements seamlessly integrated into the futuristic setting of Nuketown 2065. This fusion of past and future aesthetics not only showcases the creativity of the game developers but also hints at a visually stunning and culturally rich environment for players to explore.

One notable highlight is the map’s transition to a nighttime setting, introducing a dynamic shift in ambiance. The darkened backdrop not only contributes to the map’s visual appeal but also sets the stage for intense, strategic engagements under the glow of artificial lights and amidst the shadows of urban structures.

Adding to the excitement, the Nuketown 2065 Showcase is expected to debut a new game mode named “Boost Assault.” This mode introduces the exhilarating element of wall running, a feature that transforms the traditional gameplay dynamics, offering players new vertical and tactical possibilities. The integration of wall running is likely to create a dynamic and fast-paced environment, challenging players to adapt their strategies in the face of heightened mobility.

As players eagerly anticipate the unveiling of Nuketown 2065 in its Lunar New Year-themed glory, coupled with the intriguing addition of the “Boost Assault” mode, the showcase promises not only a nostalgic nod to a beloved map but also an innovative and visually stunning gaming experience that reflects the ever-evolving nature of the CODM franchise.

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