Many users have had this problem where their Facebook friends have not been showing up in their in-game friend list despite them also playing Clash Royale and having their account linked. And after all, what is the fun of multiplayer games if you can’t enjoy them together with your friends? So, to get rid of the issue, execute the following steps to fix Facebook friends not showing up in Clash Royale and get back to clashing together with your buddies.

Stepwise fix Facebook friends not showing up in Clash Royale

Here we explain how to fix the above issue by following the below steps:

1. Check if your Clash Royale account is linked with Facebook

2. Open Facebook and go to menu

3. Select the “Settings and Privacy” option

Clash Royale Facebook friends fix

4. Select “Settings”

5. Select “Apps and Websites” and click on the “Logged in with Facebook” option

6. Select Clash Royale from the given list of apps

Clash Royale Facebook friends fix

7. Select “App visibility”

8. Change the settings from “Only Me” to either “Friends” or “Public”(if you select Public, people other than friends can view it as well)

Clash Royale Facebook friends fix

Save the changes and that’s all you need to continue to keep clashing with your friends in Clash Royale.

The reason behind the issue

After the latest Facebook update, the App Visibility setting was set to “Only Me” by default from the app itself, which was the cause for the game not showing your Facebook friends in Clash Royale, for which this fix was required. This was not identified by the users, so many faced trouble regarding the same.

If there’s still any queries don’t hesitate to comment down below your issue. Keep clashing!

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