While we are just a couple of days closer to the grand launch of Activision’s highly anticipated battle royale title COD Warzone Mobile, the game is bringing on the excitement with a brand new event in Day Zero, which is celebrating the game’s launch. While this brings us some exciting community rewards, our eyes will surely be on the two exclusive Ghost Operator Skins being offered for free which are ‘Bloody Reaper’ and ‘Golden Phantom’, and my guide is aimed to help you unlock these in COD Warzone Mobile.

How to get ‘Bloody Reaper’ and ‘Golden Phantom’ Ghost Operator Skins for free in Warzone Mobile

Now, coming to the skins, we have two on offer and both look amazing when it comes to the visuals we have. Both are claimable in different rewarding categories, which I will explain below.

How to claim ‘Bloody Reaper’ Ghost Operator Skin

You can find the Bloody Reaper skin in the Individual rewards. To obtain the Ghost-Bloody Reaper skin during the Operation Day Zero event in Warzone Mobile, you must complete event challenges to accumulate Event Points.

Warzone Mobile Bloody Reaper
Image via Activision

While you earn the points, you can then exchange them in the Event Store. While specific point requirements for the skin are not currently available, they will be revealed upon the event’s launch. Well, the Ghost-Bloody Reaper skin is exclusive to Warzone Mobile, much to the joy of mobile players.

How to claim ‘Golden Phantom’ Ghost Operator Skin

This is more simpler to clinch as you, along with other players like me will contribute to getting this skin for free.

Warzone Mobile Golden Phantom
Image via Activision

We can unlock the Ghost-Golden Phantom skin as the final Community Reward after clearing Zone 6. Along with mobile, this skin also becomes accessible for use in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone upon linking accounts.

I would like to be greedy and get both for sure, but if you were to ask a personal preference, I would choose Golden Phantom skin as my pick since I like how vibrant it looks, with Gold being the pick of the colours to make a skin stand out.

Get ‘Condemned’ Ghost Operator Skin by pre-registering for Warzone Mobile

Now, if you need a reminder once again, Warzone Mobile’s launch is scheduled for March 21, 2024, with the Operation Day Zero event commencing a day after its launch on March 22, 2024.

WZM Pre-Registration Rewards
Image via Activision

So, with a couple of days remaining, you can head to the Google Play Store and the App Store to pre-register for the game, which will grant you another Ghost Operator skin ‘Condemned’ alongside other rewards. So you don’t want to miss out!

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