PUBG Mobile, in its sixth year since release, has been one of the top games worldwide. Multiple brands have collaborated with the game to bring about exclusive items in the game. This time we are getting to see a collab with the British car brand Bentley Motors, known globally for their high-end vehicles. Here we will go over how to unlock the new car skins of the PUBG Mobile x Bentley collaboration.

PUBG Mobile x Bentley collaboration: Unlock the Continental GT

The Bentley skin can be applied to four of the most popular cars in the game, that is, the Dacia, UAZ, Mirador and the Coupe RB. Not only that, each of the four cars can be equipped with a unique skin model that will replicate a real-life Bentley. The four models are the Bentayga Azure, Flying Spur Mulliner, Batur and the fan-favourite Continental GT convertible.

PUBG Mobile Bentley car skins unlock
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The Flying Spur Mulliner skin is assigned to the Dacia, the top sedan in the game. Meanwhile, the UAZ, probably the most well-rounded vehicle in the game will don the Bentayga Azur skin. On the other hand, the two fastest vehicles in the game, the Coupe RB and the Mirado will rock the Batur and the iconic Continental GT skins respectively.

How to unlock the PUBG Mobile x Bentley car skins

The Bentley skins are not free and the player has to invest real-time money to get UC, which is the necessary currency to get the Bentley skins. To get the skin, the player has to complete the fixed path at the Speed Drift area, with each milestone requiring an investment of UC to unlock. Players must keep in mind that with each progression, the amount of UC needed increases, and can amount to up to 7000+ UC per attempt.

Once the path is completed, the player will get a Bentley token that they can use to unlock their skin of choice. Follow the given steps to try his own luck at the Speed Drift event:

  • Go to the Events tab in the top right corner of the in game lobby of PUBG Mobile.
  • On the bottom right of the Speed Drift tab, you will find an option called Accelerate Safely and Normal Acceleration.
  • Choose your option and invest in the required UC for a chance to progress in the path.
  • For each successful progression, the UC requirement for the next milestone will increase.
  • Once you reach the end, you will get a token.
  • Go to the Events/skins tab, go to the Bentley Motors section and use your token(s) to get your preferred skin.

Note that you can repeat this process multiple times to get multiple cars and once you unlock a set amount of cars, you’ll get a secret reward as well.

Final Thoughts

The Bentley draws will last for about 2 months till 2024, with 8 choices of skin for your favourite vehicles in PUBG Mobile. With costs for procuring a single skin being somewhere around 30,000 UC, it requires a lot of investment, and therefore players are advised to jump into the Speed Drift only if they are willing to spend that much, as completing a path halfway has no return great enough for the investment, and should be treated with reason.

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