HoYoverse has recently registered a new trademark on the Chinese trademark website, hinting at the development of a potential new game titled ‘Star Cuckoo Valley’. The creators behind popular RPGs such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail are heading towards a new project, but for now, we do not have much info regarding what this ‘exactly’ might be.

The official translation on the new Bilibili account shows ‘Star Cuckoo Valley’

Chinese translations are pretty hard to be accurate with, but with whatever info I know, I will be sharing it to you. From what’s shared on Reddit, it is recently been discovered that HoYoverse registered a new product name, “XinBuGuDi (星布谷地),” on the official Chinese trademark information website on February 2, 2024, and has submitted 10 international categories.

Now, even though the mention of ‘Star Cloth Valley’ in English translation is noted, I see that this is a bit of a miss, and both the Chinese name as well as the new Bilibili account that is created under the same name translates to ‘Star Cuckoo Valley’. Do note that this is officially has been identified, with its IP address originating from Shanghai. Well, I’ve already noticed plenty of translations such as ‘Starry Sky Valley’ also being mentioned, so even I’m not sure what the English name would be.

Furthermore, a Weibo account under the same name was registered on February 22nd. These findings have led to speculation that the newly registered name might pertain to resemble titles like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon, with the name hinting close to Stardew Valley too. Will the gameplay be somewhat similar? I can’t answer that yet.

In addition, there are also discussions about this game being the same leaks from last year of a new Animal Crossing-like game from HoYoverse on the cards. The community pointed out that HoYoverse wants to improve its catalogue across multiple genres, while some of the players think this is a farming simulation. Overall, the predications are quite interesting.

The official announcement might arrive after Zenless Zone Zero global release

Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide
Image via HoYoverse

For now, we will have to wait till the official announcement is out. For now, I believe HoYoverse will be actively involved in the urban fantasy action RPG title Zenless Zone Zero which is scheduled to release this 2024. Once that is done, they might do the announcements related to the new project.

What are your thoughts as HoYoverse hinting at a new game following the registration of a trademark ‘Star Cuckoo Valley’? Do let us know in the comments!

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