Idle Heroes of Light is an RPG brought to you by Rita Wang. The game takes the players on a journey across the continent of Brave which is filled with various dangers that one can come across in the game. Due to this, it could be challenging sometimes to clear the levels, for which developers do release gift codes from time to time, to make sure that you find it a bit easier in the game. In this Idle Heroes of Light free redeem CDKEY codes, I’ll list down all the codes available in the game that I found after doing a lot of research and spending countless hours.

Idle Heroes of Light free CDKEY redeem codes and rewards

Gift codes are essential for getting various resources in the game from the developers. As experienced in my gameplay, I can guarantee that these codes for Idle Heroes of Light can help you progress further in the game without any problems.

Idle Heroes of Light redeem codes, Idle Heroes of Light
Image via Rita Wang

As of now I found, there is only one Idle Heroes of Light code that was released. However, there is a strong possibility that more codes will be released for the game in the future. Be sure to follow these codes closely, as I’ll update this space as soon as new codes are released in the future.

Idle Heroes of Light redeem codes(Active!) Rewards you can Redeem
wkg4nd 10x Advanced Recruit Scrolls,
1,000 Diamonds
Idle Heroes of Light free redeem codes

The codes reflected in the table above will be case-sensitive, hence I advise you to type in them as they appear and as soon as possible. I’ll update this space in the future, as and when new information are released for the game.

How to redeem the CDKEY codes in Idle Heroes of Light

Redeeming codes in the game, Idle Heroes of Light is a straightforward process. Be sure to follow the steps stated below to redeem the codes in the game.

Idle Heroes of Light redeem codes, Idle Heroes of Light
Image via Rita Wang
  • Launch the game with your official ID
  • Reach Level 11 in the game to unlock the redemption section.
  • Tap on Avatar in the top left corner.
  • Tap settings.
  • Tap on the CDKEY section and type in the codes.

How to get the CDKEYs for free rewards

CDKEY codes as stated before are essential for you to get free rewards in Idle Heroes of Light and hence are important for you to redeem in the game. Another important thing to note is that these codes when released are both time and case-sensitive and hence should be redeemed exactly as they are available.

The codes when released, will be released on the official social media handles of the game such as its Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Discord server. Hence make sure to follow the developers on all of their social media handles. As of now, there is just one cdkey code available for redemption in the game, however, there is a great chance of more codes being added to the game in the future.

How often are these Idle Heroes of Light codes released

The codes for the game, Idle Heroes of Light can be expected to be released with the milestones that the game will achieve. These milestones can be some game updates, server updates, game anniversaries, etc. When new codes are released, they are surely released on the developer’s websites.

Expired CDKEYs that do not work anymore

As of now, there are no codes that have expired, all the codes released are working and can be used to redeem in the game.

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