RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Vice Minister for Tourism Princess Haifa bint Mohammed Al-Saud on Monday opened the second day of the fifth Saudi Law Conference in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District.

The three-day event — called A Legal Environment for Sustainable Business — focuses on sport, tourism, and investment, and aims to show the importance of vocational training in bolstering the business and investment sectors.

It also explores the influence of contemporary legal advances in shaping an appealing investment landscape aligned with Saudi Vision 2030.

Princess Haifa expressed her appreciation to the organizers of the conference, including Saudi Justice Minister Walid Al-Samaani, and Princess Hala bint Khalid bin Sultan Al-Saud, the chair of the organizing committee and founder of Burhan Al-Maarifa Company.

She highlighted the role of the new tourism system in supporting the progress of the sector and developing the legislative environment to suit its rapid development.

Princess Haifa said: “When we developed the National Tourism Strategy for 2019, as you all know, we set very, very ambitious goals, and today the sector is witnessing remarkable growth over the past few years. 

Vice Minister for Tourism Princess Haifa bint Mohammed Al Saud delivered the opening speech for the second day of the fifth Saudi Law Conference. (AN photo by Saad Alanazi)

“As the Kingdom has advanced in the index of international tourism revenues and achieved prestigious global positions in the growth rate of international tourism, this is clear evidence that this sector will grow further.”

She emphasized the Ministry of Tourism’s forward-thinking approach in enhancing the sector’s legislative framework through the adoption of a globally aligned tourism system with comprehensive executive regulations.

She said: “The main pillar on which the system is based is preserving the rights of tourists, investors, and workers in the sector.

“In light of this legislative development, this will have a direct impact in attracting large investments from inside and outside the Kingdom.”

Princess Hala said that the conference promoted diverse and significant topics, as well as the involvement of legal experts from various specialties.

On the first day Al-Samaani had focused on Saudi Arabia’s legislative progress, highlighting the law’s role in safeguarding rights and business environment stability.

He also discussed specialized legislation, such as the Law of Civil Transactions, which promotes contractual freedom to accommodate the Kingdom’s rapid development, enabling flexible contracting and transaction stability. 

Al-Samaani emphasized the need for legal training and specialization in response to digital transformation. He discussed preventive justice, which safeguards rights, resolves disputes without litigation, and assures contract validity and obligations.

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