LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle is the official soccer title of the popular Spanish professional football league, La Liga. From the house of La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional, it challenges players to beat all the football clubs of the Spanish La Liga and become one of the champions in the La Liga Clash tournaments. Players must create the best possible combination with the official La Liga players, level them up, improve their statistics, and reach the top as a football star in this exciting game. In this LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle Beginners guide, we are going to do a detailed discussion on the Skill Cards and what they contribute to your line-up, the in-game currencies on offer, and share some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

Decoding the Skill Cards

Skill Cards play a pivotal role in LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle as they give you a pivotal edge over your opponent. Skill Cards act as stat boosters or recovery items to make up for the damage points suffered by your regular player card after receiving attacks from the opponent.

These Skill Cards can be earned by unlocking the free boxes or even the paid ones from the game’s Store section. The Skill Card that you must utilize at a given juncture of the map is a strategic call and is completely on you, whether you want to go for an active skill card or a passive one. Below are all the available skill cards and their utility:

  • Bicycle– Provides Attack points to an Ally Player
  • Tackling – Inflicts damage points to a rival player
  • The Chain – Provides Defense Points to an Ally Player
  • Strong Goalkeeper – Recovers Defense Points to your Goalkeeper.
  • Penalty – Inflicts Damage Points to rival Goalkeeper
  • Defensive Wall – Recovers Defense Points to an Ally Player
  • Total Attack – Inflicts equal damage points to all of your Rival Players.
  • Sliding Steal – Inflicts damage points to a rival player
  • Quick Recovery – Provides Defensive Points to your goalkeeper
  • Zone Defense – Adds equal Defense and Attack Points to an Ally Player

The damage points inflicted on your rival player or the attack points that are added to your tally upon utilizing these Skill Cards, depend on the Level your skill card is at You can improve or level up your Skill Cards with in-game Cash whenever an upgrade is available.

Introducing the Game Modes

LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle comes with real-time Player-vs-Player battles wherein users get to challenge players from all over the world across one regular, and one Seasonal Game Mode. Here’s a detailed break-down of the game modes that are available to exploit:

Ranked match mode

Ranked Match Mode would be your regular match mode. Spanned across Six Divisions, here are some salient features of the Ranked Match Mode:

  • Players must choose their line-up, including what Skill cards they want to go with, at the start of the game.
  • Being a turn-based strategy title, both you and your rival would get to strategize and attack/defend by turn.
LALIGA Clash 24 Soccer Battle Ranked Match Mode
Image via La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional
  • Each of your ally player cards(excluding your Goalkeeper) would come with two-point systems, indicated in yellow and red. The number indicated inside the yellow circle is your player’s attack points, while the one indicated inside the red is your player’s Defense Points. For your Goalkeeper, only the Defense Point System comes into play.
  • Players must drag their ally player onto the rival goalkeeper to inflict damage on him. You can even attack the center-half player to send him off the field first, as he would look to attack your ally player too.
  • Your ally player can attack only once in a given turn.
  • If the Defense Point of your rival goalkeeper drops to 0, a goal is rewarded to your tally.
  • As players gradually climb up, from Bronze to Challenger loads of rewards can be earned at the end of each season.

Event Match Mode

Event mode matches drop-in for a limited period, especially during the Festive season windows. Although for a short duration, these time-limited events can help players earn special Ally Cards, and up to 10 other rewards per day, as they eventually aim at unlocking the Battle Pass.

Understanding the in-game Resources

Talking about resources, LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle comes with Cash and Coins as the basic in-game currencies. All in-game spending, including player improvement, unlocking new boxes, and purchasing new skill cards, and player cards is facilitated by these two. Let us now look at what they bring to your table individually;

In-game Currency Utility
Cash 1. Improving your player cards
2. Purchasing Player Cards/Skill cards or an upgrade to your existing player/skill cards from the game’s Store section.
Coins 1. Buying/unlocking boxes from the Game’s store section that can earn you player cards and in-game resources in return.
2. Exchanging with Cash from the Store section.

LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here’s a bonus section from us that would help users as they strategize their way to the top. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks for users to climb up to the Challenger Division in no time.

1. Do not forget to capitalize on the Event Mode Matches

Just as we discussed earlier, various Special and Club events are added to the game from time to time. The ongoing and finished events can be accessed from the Event timeline, located to the immediate right of the Line-Up tab.

LALIGA Clash 24 Soccer Battle Event Pass
Image via La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional

Playing these time-limited event matches helps you unlock the Event Pass that earns you loads of rewards in the form of in-game Cash, Coins, and special boxes that in turn earn you special ally cards and skill cards. So, make sure that you are not missing out on any of the Event Mode Matches and are navigating to this section at least once daily.

2. Look to improve your ally cards whenever possible

Users must look to upgrade their ally cards whenever an upgrade is available for them. There are two ways by which your players can level up:

  • By being a part of the line-up in Ranked and Event Mode Matches and contributing to a win.
  • Most of the time, you will get an upgrade to your already existing player cards upon unlocking the Boxes from the game’s Store section, or even the Free ones.
LALIGA Clash 24 Soccer Battle Player Level Up
Image via La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional

Once your player card can be improved, waste no time and navigate to the line-up tap and tap on that card. The Improve button would now show up on that card. Tap on it. You are required to spend a nominal amount of in-game cash to complete the upgrade. Once upgraded, the Defense and Attack points would also go up So, make sure you are leveling up your players whenever an upgrade is available.

3. Leveling Up your Skill Cards is equally important

In the previous sections, we have seen how Skill Cards can play a detrimental role in boosting your player or inflicting damage on the rival player. Now the recovery/damage points handed out in the respective scenarios would depend largely on the Level of your Skill Card.

LALIGA Clash 24 Soccer Battle Skill Card Level Up
Image via La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional

Say, for instance, your Skill Card is handing out one damage point to the rival player at Level 1. The same skill card would hand him a two-deficit when at Level 2. Again, just like your regular player cards, an upgrade to your existing skill cards can be earned from unlocking Boxes. Level these cards up with in-game cash, the same way you do it for the regular cards.

4. Make sure to utilize your Skill Cards depending on the game situation

Skill cards when available, should be used strategically to get the match results in your favour. Ideally, you must look to go with Strong Goalkeeper, Tackling, and The Chain as your Skill Card trio for any match as a beginner. This is the most impactful trio to start with, in LaLiga Clash 24.

If you want to go out with a more attacking approach, you can go with Bicycle in place of The Chain. Use them as and when the match situation demands. Like, if your Goalkeeper’s Defensive points drop to as low as 3, do not waste any further time and make him consume the Strong Goalkeeper Skill Card in the very next turn, or else you will concede a goal.

5. Attack your rival players to inflict damage points

When it’s your turn, besides boosting up your ally players, you must also look to attack your rival players with them. Simply drag and place your ally player over the rival player to effect an attack on him. This would bring down the Defense points for that player. Your ally player can attack only once per turn.

LALIGA Clash 24 Soccer Battle Rival Player Attack
Image via La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional

Besides, attacking your rival goalkeeper, you must also look to attack your rival player placed at the center-half of the pitch and nullify his effect as he would look forward to attacking you too.

6. Going with a Defensive Wall Skill Card is not a bad option

Although this may sound like a passive approach, keeping a Defensive Wall Skill Card in your line-up is not a bad approach. As and when you use the Defensive Wall booster on your center-half player, your rival player cannot attack your goalkeeper in the next turn, before eliminating the center-half player to which you have added the booster.

LALIGA Clash 24 Soccer Battle Defensive Wall
Image via La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional

This would exhaust the attacking chances of your rival player for that turn at least and keep the Defensive Points of your Goalkeeper safe.

Final Thoughts

If you are still pondering on what to expect from this game, LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle offers engaging turn-based ranked matches that can put your strategic skills to the test. Even your off-the-field decisions like assembling the line-up before a match, timely unlocking new Player Cards and Skill Cards, and improving them, can provide a testing experience for users. Overall, the game should keep you interested and eager for your next outing.

That’s it from this LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this LALIGA Clash 24: Soccer Battle beginners guide useful. 

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