Step into the enchanting world of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG, an idle RPG brought by MAGIC NETWORK LIMITED. This isekai realm is brimming with love, determination, and exciting treasures waiting to be discovered. In Magic Chronicle, Stargems reign supreme as the premium currency, offering pathways to hero summons and valuable items. This Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG article is here to provide essential tips to earn this Stargem in the game.

New to Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG? Dive into our beginners guide and tier list for essential tips to kickstart your journey. Be sure not to miss out on valuable in-game freebies by exploring the available redeem codes in the game!

How to get more Stargems in Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG

1. Complete Tasks

In Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG, earning Stargems is easy, just complete your daily, weekly, and training tasks. These routine missions not only add shiny Stargems to your stash but also come packed with extra goodies to level up your game.

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Tasks Reward

Make it a part of your routine to conquer these tasks, and not only will you be on the fast track to Stargem riches, but you’ll also unlock a bunch of other cool rewards for your journey in this magical world.

2. Take on Bounty Quest

Take on Bounty quests to grab rewards, including precious Star Gems. Smartly use the Refresh option, spending Bounty Refresh Coupons to unlock new quests with Stargem rewards. Aim to level up your bounty rank for better rewards.

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Bounty Quest Reward

Choose top-notch heroes for tough quests, but remember, each hero can only tackle one quest at a time. Keep an eye on the quest cap, claim your rewards regularly, and keep the questing train rolling for more goodies and Star Gems

3. Pass Trial Tower

Passing through the Trial Tower can get some Star Gems. Each floor is guarded by different monsters, and you must defeat them all to progress. Clearing a floor rewards you with Star Gems, making it worth the challenge.

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Trial Tower Reward

But beware, as you climb higher, the monsters get tougher. So, power up, adjust your strategies, and conquer each level to earn more Star Gems.

4. Get Daily Ranking Reward in Arena

Engage in daily Arena challenges, defeating opponents to accumulate points and snag precious Star Gems as part of your daily rewards. Utilize your free daily attempt and tickets for subsequent challenges to strategize and secure victories.

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Arena Reward

At the end of each season, enjoy extra Star Gem rewards based on your ranking, and embrace the reset of arena points for a fresh competitive start. Ensure you claim your daily Star Gem reward and strive for excellence

5. Participate in the Magic Treasure Hunt

Participate in Magic Treasure Hunt to snag Stargems. Roll the dice strategically, and each move could land you in treasure chests filled with valuable rewards, including Stargems. Look out for special Prop Dice like Turtle Dice and Telecontrol Dice to enhance your rolling experience without using up Common Dice Chances.

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Magic Treasure Hunt

Collect treasure hunt EXP with each throw, level up, and unlock even better rewards on the grid. Join the hunt, roll the dice, and discover treasures, including precious Stargems!

Final Thoughts

As you journey through the magical world of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG, gathering Stargems becomes essential for unlocking new adventures. There are numerous ways to acquire this valuable currency, from completing daily tasks and facing challenges in the Trial Tower to competing in the Arena and participating in Treasure Hunts. Whether you’re exploring for treasure or hunting bounties, Stargems open doors to new heroes and exciting upgrades.

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