RIYADH: ZainTECH, the integrated digital solutions arm of Zain Group, has joined the long list of top-class companies to have established its regional offices in Saudi Arabia.

The company’s Riyadh office will be energized by a team of over 100 Saudi IT professionals. It also attended the LEAP conference that concluded on Thursday in the Saudi capital amid a flurry of deals that will catapult the Kingdom into a new digital era.

Talking to Arab News, ZainTECH CEO Andrew Hanna said the firm is currently serving tens of enterprises in the Kingdom through the recent acquisitions of BIOS Middle East and STS Arabia.

“Regionally, we are now servicing over 1,400 clients with 150 in Saudi Arabia. We have a large team in Riyadh, and we are quite rapidly expanding the team,” he said.

Commenting on the LEAP conference, Hanna said the event was not something that could be ignored as it brought them closer to their potential clients and partners.

“Honestly, we couldn’t have missed this event,” he said adding that the event served as a great platform to showcase products and services and interact with “partners, peers, and customers.”

The top executive that the event provided us with a chance to “look at what is happening in the Kingdom with Vision 2030.”

“The last few days have been interesting to see how the technology industry is at the center of the transformation and Vision 2030, and how fast it is moving as well. So, to be part of that made a lot of sense for us,” he added.

During the event, ZainTECH seized the opportunity to present its burgeoning array of products and solutions, spanning cloud computing, cybersecurity, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, drones and robotics, modern infrastructure, digital solutions, and other emerging technologies. Following the opening of its offices in Riyadh, these offerings will be comprehensively catered to and readily accessible within the Kingdom.

Hanna said that their Riyadh office and presence at LEAP 2024 build on the fantastic momentum they have gained regionally over the past three years.

“The massive digital transformation programs underway in the Kingdom have been well-documented, and we are actively engaging in these momentous developments and supporting enterprises as they look to monetize their data assets and accelerate the time-to-value of their technology investments,”

He added that their parent company Zain has a long successful experience in the region and in the Saudi market, which they will leverage and harness, working closely with all Zain operations and their B2B teams.

“Our intentions of consolidating a regional head office in the Kingdom represents our confidence in the market and underpins our determination to have a strong physical presence near to our customers as we are doing across other markets.”

Speaking about challenges, Hanna said that when one walks through the conference and the exhibition, they will see “a lot of organizations mentioning almost the same, in terms of AI, cloud, transformation, and many more. It is a little bit more repeat, repeat,”

“The competition is not easy, it is fierce, and there are companies, certainly local, global, and regional that are very powerful. We want to stand out a little bit differently. And I know what I will say may sound like a little bit of a cliche, but it is about how we put all these technologies together in a way that allows us to go to the customer and help them realize value from those technologies,” he told Arab New.

Commenting on the Saudi market, the CEO said there are a lot of factors that are taking shape at the same time. “The investment by the government, the enterprise, and the speed at which things are being done are a big factor.” He said it is necessary to keep pace with these developments.

Hanna said that there is a vision that is being executed, and everyone is very passionate about it. “You speak to a lot of both enterprise and government officials, and they speak with passion. That passion translates on what happens on the ground on a day-to-day basis,” he added.

“We are certainly looking forward to being part of the journey. It is interesting, challenging, and tough, but it will separate those who can bring value from those who are not.” Hanna said.

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