RIYADH: The Nanotechnology Association, supported by the Misk Foundation, is set to launch the Nanohub Program, aimed at inspiring and equipping the next generation for careers in the sector to help support a brighter future and a thriving economy.

Nanohub, a nonprofit initiative, is structured in three phases to train Saudi graduates and entrepreneurs aged between 20 and 26. It provides workshops and sessions to develop personal skills, gain hands-on experience with nanotechnology, and receive guidance from industry experts.

The program partners with leading local and international organizations to ensure participants are prepared for the workforce.

Nanotechnology is expected to transform business and innovation in various sectors. Understanding its economic impact and the potential benefits of partnerships are of crucial importance for young entrepreneurs.

The program aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in nanotechnology and inspire them to drive innovation in their industries.

The first phase of the program will focus on soft skills and leadership development. It is scheduled for three days, starting on April 28.

The second phase, which starts on May 5, explores applications of nanotechnology. It runs for five days, covering topics like the fundamentals of nanotechnology, its use in medicine, energy, and renewable energy, as well as sustainability.

The third phase, beginning on May 12 and ending on May 16, provides hands-on laboratory experience through a series of sessions called “Shadowing and Lab Tours.” This phase has two key tracks: the Shadowing Track and the Lab Tours Track.

The Lab Tours Track will give participants an in-depth look at cutting-edge nanotechnology research. They will visit world-class laboratories where nanotechnology innovations are being developed.

Participants will observe advanced equipment and complex techniques central to nanotechnology research. They will see live experiments and dynamic processes that reveal the workings of nanotechnology. This track is more than just a tour as it enhances understanding by connecting academic concepts to real-world applications, giving participants a closer look at the research and development process.

The Nanohub Program is “a transformative initiative designed to elevate the skills and competencies of graduates and new hires with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) backgrounds,” said Dr. Turki Almugaiteeb, chairman of the board of the Nanotechnology Association.

“This unique initiative aims to enrich participants’ soft skills and technical expertise through curated activities.”

Almugaiteeb added that participants would “have the opportunity to delve into the intriguing realms of medicine and energy, witnessing firsthand how nanotechnology is revolutionizing these industries.”

He added: “By immersing themselves in this dynamic program, individuals will not only broaden their knowledge but also cultivate the multidisciplinary skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving STEM landscape.”

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