RIYADH: Saudi DJ Trgoosh’s latest project is a romantic track that he hopes will set the vibe for locals’ night-time winter cruises on the Kingdom’s streets.

“The romantic song talks about a relationship between two people who love each other, and the name of the song is ‘Imagine.’ Its performer is an artist I listen to, Abdulaziz Al-Awadi.

“I was looking for a suitable voice, and when I heard his voice, I contacted him and we recorded it,” the DJ and music producer told Arab News.  

DJ Trgoosh has dedicated his time to crafting exciting beats and contributing to the local music industry. He has worked on prominent Saudi projects such as the Netflix series “Alkhallat+.”  

DJ Trgoosh’s contributions to the Saudi music scene are tracks that have a distinctive Saudi flavor mixed with Western vibes. He likes to remix well-known Saudi songs or folk music by adding his beats and rhythms that enhance the experience for listeners — transforming unforgettable, iconic tracks into contemporary remixes that attract new listeners and cater to nostalgia. Among the Saudi singers that DJ Trgoosh has remixed is Rabeh Saqer. 

He began making music in 2008. But it was in 2013 that he posted his debut track, which went viral and garnered more than 500,000 views in a single week. 

He not only creates music but also works in the visual arts, and the visuals in his music videos are frequently his own creations. 

He created the track “Kingdom Soldier” for Saudi National Day with a video that told the story of King Abdulaziz and the founding of the Kingdom.  

“This track talks about the efforts of King Abdulaziz in unifying the Kingdom, up to this day during the reign of King Salman, and how King Abdulaziz established security and safety.

“(It is about) how today it has become a great kingdom. I added military and royalty footage, took Saudi folklore, and added the appropriate rhythms and words.”  

The DJ, who prefers to hide his identity under a mask, started making songs and initially did not tell his family about it.

The DJ explained: “My family is conservative, and when I was young, I used to bring musical instruments without their knowledge at night, and I used to play music without them knowing.

“But when my father learned about my talent and listened to it on my YouTube channel, he became impressed with my talent and even blamed me because I hid the topic from him, but he encouraged me now and said that he was my first supporter.” 

He continued: “If your father is with you and agrees with what you do, no negative words from people will affect you.” 

Because DJ Targoosh hides his identity under a mask that he designed, no one knows his name or what he looks like, which sometimes can put him in strange situations with his fans.  

“One time, some of my friends were playing my music in the car, and when I informed them that DJ Trgoosh was truly me, they started laughing at me and refused to believe me. They also remarked that DJ Trgoosh is creative and I am not, which made me laugh,” he said.

He said that one time, after performing at a festival, he left the stage and changed into a regular outfit, then a fan recognized him because of his shoes.

DJ Trgoosh is one of the musicians who is putting Saudi musical heritage center stage at modern Saudi EDM festivals.

To keep up with DJ Trgoosh and his music, visit his Instagram @dj_trgoosh.

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