Kerten Hospitality, in partnership with developers RIKAZ and RAFAL and with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, unveiled a ground-breaking project in the heart of Riyadh — The House Urban Eco Resort. This unique resort is set to redefine urban eco-living, blending leisure, wellness, and business within a sustainable and luxurious environment.

Kerten Hospitality — a global hotel operator recognized for its innovative approach to integrated living — has projects spanning across various countries, each uniquely tailored to embody the local culture and community ethos. With a diverse portfolio that includes bespoke hotels, residences, and lifestyle destinations, Kerten Hospitality is at the forefront of creating spaces that blend work, life, and leisure in harmonious synergy.

Situated in the heart of Riyadh, The House Urban Eco Resort is a paradigm of urban eco-friendliness, seamlessly blending green living within the city’s vibrant landscape. It boasts diverse services that cater to every need, featuring outdoor and dynamic working spaces, all resonating with the forward-thinking ethos of Vision 2030. The resort further distinguishes itself with its integrated dining and event spaces, offering a versatile setting for both private gatherings and curated events.

A cornerstone of the resort is its wellness focus, encompassing modern spa treatments and comprehensive wellness facilities including therapeutic treatments. Additionally, The House Urban Eco Resort offers a tranquil haven for staycations, casual social hangouts and corporate stays, making it the epitome of sophisticated urban living combined with eco-conscious sensibilities.

The House Urban Eco Resort Riyadh emerges as a one-of-its-kind sustainable urban oasis in the bustling cityscape. It embodies the essence of eco-conscious living while providing high-end services and facilities. The resort aims to preserve and enhance the oasis, keeping the distinctiveness of Riyadh’s natural oasis intact while creating a purposeful destination for both international travelers and locals.

It offers a blend of leisure, wellness, and business through its versatile mix of amenities catering to a diverse range of needs — from wellness elements to business facilities.

The resort will feature an interactive F&B experience in collaboration with local chefs, offering behind-the-scenes dining and event hosting. This initiative aims to provide a versatile culinary experience, seamlessly merging dining with event spaces.
Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, said: “The House Urban Eco Resort Riyadh is not just a resort; it’s a live demonstration of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It showcases the future of sustainable urban development, today. The resort’s eco-conscious design and services embody the principles of Vision 2030, offering guests a unique glimpse into the future of urban living.”

Unlike traditional eco resorts situated in remote natural settings, The House Urban Eco Resort revolutionizes sustainability by providing a green haven amidst vibrant cityscapes. With Riyadh as just the beginning, Kerten Hospitality’s plans include extending their footprint across Saudi Arabia, targeting various urban locales. This expansion mirrors the increasing desire for eco-friendly hospitality options in urban locations.

Kerten Hospitality, in strategic alliance with RIKAZ and RAFAL, and bolstered by the support of the Ministry of Tourism, is redefining the standards in eco-conscious urban hospitality. With The House Urban Eco Resort Riyadh, they are not just building a resort; they are crafting a sustainable future.

The Ministry of Tourism’s involvement plays a critical role in providing methodical guidance, ensuring that the project aligns with national tourism objectives and sustainability goals. The Ministry’s support is instrumental in amplifying the resort’s impact on the local community and the environment, promoting it as a model for eco-friendly urban development in the Kingdom.

RIKAZ, under Chairman and CEO Khalid Algahtani, is renowned for innovative projects that emphasize community integration and environmental values. Their commitment to “Rising Beyond” reflects in every project, including this foray into hospitality. Algahtani said: “At RIKAZ, we firmly believe in the power of strategic partnerships. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with RIKAZ’s expansion strategy by fostering partnerships with highly respected institutions like Kerten Hospitality and Rafal. It underscores our commitment to tapping into the significant real estate development in Saudi Arabia, in harmony with the ambitious Vision 2030. By leveraging this premium location and its natural oasis status, we firmly believe that the Urban Eco Resort will be a new experiential retreat to the hospitality market.”

RAFAL, led by CEO Elias Abou Samra, is dedicated to developing distinguished communities in Riyadh. Known for projects like Burj Rafal and RAFAL Residence, their partnership with Kerten Hospitality is a testament to their expertise in creating unique lifestyle experiences.

Kerten Hospitality’s “The Collective” initiative marks a significant investment in the Saudi hospitality sector, with 22+ projects. This initiative not only demonstrates Kerten Hospitality’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the Kingdom but also highlights its role in shaping the future of hospitality in the region. 

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