Embark on an exciting pirate journey with Sea of Conquest: Pirate War, a multiplayer strategy game crafted by FunPlus International AG. As a pirate captain, you navigate uncharted waters, build a formidable fleet, and engage in fierce battles against rival pirates and mythical sea creatures. In this Sea of Conquest Team Composition Guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of team composition in Sea of Conquest, helping you build a crew of heroes strategically.

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How team role works in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War


In Sea of Conquest: Pirate War, the roles of your pirate crew are crucial for success. Here, we’ll break down the classes for better understanding.

  • Captain
  • First-mate
  • Gunner

The Captain, as the leader, excels in guiding and commanding the ship, gaining a substantial attribute boost when fighting in the captain position. The First-mate, a key supporting role, assists the captain in managing the crew and experiences a notable attribute boost when in the first-mate position.

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Classes
Image via FunPlus International AG

Meanwhile, the Gunner specializes in the operation and maintenance of artillery, obtaining a specific attribute boost when fighting in the gunner position. These roles form the foundation of a well-structured crew, ensuring efficient coordination during battles on the high seas.


Beyond their positions, each hero brings unique characteristics to the crew. Heroes are categorized based on their specialization:

  • Firepower
  • Support
  • Defensive

Firepower heroes excel in dealing damage to enemies, Support heroes are adept at strengthening your party or weakening the enemy, and Defensive heroes specialize in defending against enemy damage. This diverse range of characteristics allows for strategic hero selection, enabling captains to tailor their crews to specific challenges and scenarios.

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Specializations
Image via FunPlus International AG

By understanding both the roles and characteristics of your heroes, you can assemble a versatile and powerful crew ready to conquer the treacherous waters and emerge victorious in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War.

Consider your Ship

When crafting a formidable team in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War, it’s crucial to consider not only the attributes and roles of individual heroes but also the characteristics and enhancements offered by the ships they occupy. Each ship in the game comes with unique features that can greatly impact the performance of your crew.

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Ship
Image via FunPlus International AG

Similar to hero roles, ships also have designated roles, such as offensive, defensive, or all-around. Aligning the roles of your ships with the roles of your heroes ensures a well-coordinated and synergistic team.

Lineups that you can use in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

Here are some lineups that you can consider as a reference for your pirate crew in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War:

Flagship (AMR+HP Set)

Old Ahab, Madame Lulu, Armstrong

This Flagship lineup featuring Old Ahab, Madame Lulu, and Armstrong is solid for a few reasons. Old Ahab, known for his defensive prowess, provides strong protection for the crew. Madame Lulu’s healing abilities and ship HP stacking enhance the lineup’s overall durability.

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Lineup
Image via FunPlus International AG

With Armstrong contributing as another defensive hero, the crew becomes highly resilient against enemy attacks. This defensive synergy makes the lineup well-suited for prolonged battles, ensuring survival and success

Crimson Sentinel (Burn Set)

Lester, Will, Ned

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Lineup
Image via FunPlus International AG

Lester, Will, and Ned form a powerful team for Crimson Sentinel, using the Burn Set to set their enemies ablaze. With Lester’s firepower and blazing damage, along with Will and Ned sharing similar attributes, the trio creates a strong synergy focused on intense firepower. This lineup excels in steadily wearing down opponents over time

Warhammer (Cutthroat Set)

Sharky, Lord Kojo, Luna

In the Warhammer, Sharky, Lord Kojo, and Luna form a strong team with the Cutthroat Set, emphasizing stealth and critical damage. Bones leads as the captain, focusing on firepower and cutthroat damage, while Lord Kojo and Luna, serving as first mate and gunner, share similar attributes in firepower and cutthroat damage. The Cutthroat Set boosts critical damage, giving the lineup a sneaky and deadly edge.

Final Thought

In the unpredictable seas of Sea of Conquest: Pirate War, success hinges on your ability to experiment and adapt. Customize your team composition according to your preferred playstyle, and fear not to explore new combinations. The quest for the most effective crew for your pirate adventures is a journey of trial and error. Adapt your team composition, refine your strategies, and let the unpredictable seas be the canvas for your pirate legend.

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