ACTION SQUARE developed Kingdom: The Blood as an action RPG inspired by the hit Netflix series. In this game, players face intense battles against zombie hordes. It was first announced in August 2021, with further details unveiled in July 2022 and a gameplay trailer released in January 2023. By February 2024, it had entered pre-registration, and I shared my first impressions during beta testing. In this Kingdom: The Blood Class Guide, I’ll delve into the different class types, movements, and distinctions, and help you determine which one suits your playstyle best.

The game’s narrative follows the plot of the Netflix series, experiencing challenging encounters that test your skills and strategic thinking. Throughout the game, you’ll confront various bosses, each with unique attack styles that demand precision and tactical finesse. If you find yourself in need of assistance, you can explore the Kingdom: The Blood Beginner’s Guide, redeem codes for in-game perks and rewards, or refer to my customer support guide for help with any issues you may encounter. Additionally, you can check out my detailed review of the game for further insights.

List of Classes in Kingdom: The Blood

1. Swordsman Class – Lee Chang

In the perilous world of Kingdom: The Blood, Lee Chang stands tall as a swordsman, blending strength and resilience. He’s a straightforward choice, especially for those new to the game. With his trusty sword, Lee Chang delivers balanced and powerful attacks, slicing through the undead with precision. His combat style focuses on close-quarters engagement, where every swing and dodge counts.

What makes Lee Chang stand out is his solid defense. Compared to his counterpart, Ashin, Lee Chang boasts higher defenses, allowing you to endure more hits from enemies. I found this especially helpful as I faced tougher foes, giving me a bit of leeway to learn the game without facing too harsh a punishment for mistakes. However, since Lee Chang lacks ranged abilities, you must be ready to dive into the thick of combat, constantly maneuvering to face your foes head-on.

Kingdom The Blood Swordsman Class Lee Chang

Even though Lee Chang’s style seems simple at first, mastering him requires understanding his full range of skills. I quickly realized that knowing when to unleash powerful combos and how to use his defensive moves efficiently are key. As I took up Lee Chang’s mantle, I found a deeply satisfying experience, mastering the dance of melee combat and dodging through enemy attacks with deadly accuracy.

With skilled hands, Lee Chang becomes a true force on the battlefield, capable of taking down even the toughest enemies with ease. So, if you’re ready to dive into the heart of battle and carve your path through the undead, Lee Chang might just be the perfect choice for you. Here is the detailed skill set of Lee Chang:

Basic Attacks

  • Undercut: Initiate with a standard upward vertical swing, accumulating 10 Gi.
  • Horizon Edge: Execute a wide horizontal sweep, gathering 10 Gi.
  • Deadly Sweep: Conclude with a powerful descending vertical strike, inflicting heavy damage and amassing 20 Gi.

Special Attacks

  • Thunder: Storm Strike: Initiate with a spinning vertical swing, delivering substantial damage and breaking through guards. If the enemy’s HP is below 50%, it stuns them.
  • Thunder: Waltz: Follow up with a roundhouse kick, dealing heavy damage. If the enemy is stunned, this kick knocks them back.
  • Thunder: Flash Ripper: Conclude with a powerful finishing move, dealing massive damage while causing guard break and staggering the opponent.

Hybrid Ranged Class – Ashin

Ashin brings a dynamic and versatile playstyle to Kingdom: The Blood, standing out as the hybrid class capable of handling both melee and ranged combat with finesse. I found her ability to switch between dual daggers for swift, close-range encounters and a bow for precise attacks from afar gave me a wide range of tactical options. This flexibility became my greatest asset as I mastered her combat style, blending agility and strategy seamlessly.

Kingdom The Blood Ranged Class Ashin

While Ashin offers adaptability, it comes with a trade-off. Compared to Lee Chang, she’s not as strong in melee combat, and her defenses are weaker. I experienced this vulnerability firsthand, especially when I found myself cornered without an escape plan. However, Ashin’s strength lies in her ability to engage enemies from a safe distance, either picking them off or weakening them before they can get close. This control over the battlefield allowed me to exploit enemy weaknesses and set up devastating combos.

Playing as Ashin demanded a keen understanding of when to engage and when to keep my distance. I constantly had to make split-second decisions based on the changing dynamics of the battlefield. This made her an ideal choice for me, as I enjoy a more thoughtful, tactical approach to combat. Mastering Ashin wasn’t just about dealing damage as it was also about avoiding it. I had to use her mobility and range to outmaneuver opponents and strike with precision, creating an exhilarating and rewarding experience. These are the following skill set of Ashin:

Basic Attacks

  • Deadly Sweep: Execute a standard dagger swing, accumulating 12 Gi.
  • Malice Strike: Perform a quick dagger swing, gathering 13 Gi.
  • Rising Blade: Unleash a powerful spinning attack, accumulating 20 Gi.

Special Attacks

  • Windshear: Quick Shot: Release a potent and rapid arrow, dealing significant damage. If the enemy’s HP is below 50%, this shot breaks and stuns them.
  • Windshear: Gust Arrow: Fire another formidable arrow, dealing heavy damage. If the enemy is already stunned, this arrow breaks their guard and staggers them.
  • Windshear: Pierce: Inflict heavy damage and stagger the enemy if they are within 6.5 meters of range.

Final Thoughts

When deciding between Lee Chang and Ashin in Kingdom: The Blood, gender can also influence your choice. Lee Chang offers a strong, melee-focused approach, while Ashin provides versatility with both melee and ranged combat. Lee Chang embodies a traditional masculine archetype, emphasizing strength and directness, while Ashin challenges gender norms by excelling in diverse combat styles as a strong female character. Ultimately, it’s about personal preference and which playstyle resonates with you most.

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