Nordcurrent has recently introduced an innovative update to its popular mobile fashion simulation game, Pocket Styler, through the debut of a fresh creator platform known as Pocket Styler Studio. This digital platform enables players to emulate the role of actual fashion designers, crafting personalized clothing, shoes, and accessories according to their precise preferences.

Upon completion, these digital designers have the opportunity to promote their creations under a self-branded ‘designer label‘ and retail them within the game to a vast audience of Pocket Styler players, exchanging them for in-game currency—an unprecedented feature in mobile fashion gaming.

Player-generated content reshapes Pocket Styler, boosts the game’s variety

The gaming skins market, valued in the billions, sees approximately half of its players purchasing skins using in-game currency, while roughly 40% opt for real money transactions, as per data from Newzoo. Despite Nordcurrent’s consistent efforts, providing over 100 items bi-weekly for Pocket Styler, players still sought more options inspired by contemporary fashion, movies, and celebrity styles. This scarcity of offerings resulted in reduced player engagement and subsequently impacted Nordcurrent’s revenue.

Pocket Styler Studio Puncture line models
Image via Nordcurrent

However, the inclusion of user-generated content within Pocket Styler has completely transformed the game’s design dynamics. This innovation expanded players’ choices while enabling them to earn in-game currency.

Moreover, it alleviated the creative pressure on game artists and developers who previously struggled to meet the demand for new content. Presently, designers contribute over 2,000 unique items to the game daily, a staggering increase of almost 300 times compared to pre-Pocket Styler Studio launch content levels.

Pocket Styler Studio will revolutionize fashion gaming with designer empowerment and endless combinations

Pocket Styler Studio, in its beta phase since February, currently boasts a community of over 1,000 designers actively crafting items for the game. Anticipating a surge, an additional 5,000 designers are projected to join daily within the inaugural year of its launch, promising an astronomical array of outfit combinations totaling in the trillions, with millions of fresh looks introduced each week.

Pocket Styler Studio patterns
Image via Nordcurrent

Nordcurrent, the company behind the venture, is exploring the prospect of allowing designers to earn real currency from their creations in the future. The game system archives design within a designer’s profile until they’re ready for public display. Once showcased for sale, individual designers can monitor their brand’s performance by ‘Publishing’ items and gauging their sales.

Players are empowered to christen their designer labels and accrue ‘Gems’, the in-game currency, for each item successfully sold to fellow players. Pocket Styler Studio enjoys a global presence, requiring players to have the Pocket Styler app installed on their devices and possess a complimentary Nordcurrent ID to utilize Pocket Styler Studio, which can be accessed via a web browser.

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