Evolutions are an essential aspect of Pokémon Go. Every time you catch a Pokémon in its early stages, you can evolve it into its next stage with the help of Candies and other special items depending on your needs. You can also evolve Pokémon into their Mega-evolved form with the help of Mega Energy along with several other ways which are mentioned in our Mega Evolution guide. But certain Pokémon can evolve into their next stages only if you use some particular items. In the case of evolving the previous of Scizor and Steelix into themselves, you’ll need the help of a Metal Coat. So in this Pokémon Go guide, we are going to about how you can commence the evolution process to get Scizor and Steelix.

Evolution in Pokémon Go

Various ways are using which you can perform evolutions in Pokémon Go. For most of the Pokémon, it can be done with the help of Candies alone. But for some specific Pokémon, you’ll need particular items such as a Sinnoh Stone, Unova Stone, Upgrade, Dragon Scale, Metal Coat, and so on.

Pokémon Go Evolution Scizor Steelix Metal Coat
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To evolve Scyther and Onix into Scizor and Steelix respectively, you’ll need to use a Metal Coat. Evolving their previous forms is a better option than looking for them as a whole because as Scizor and Steelix are rare Pokémon, it will be more efficient to perform their evolution by yourself into their next forms in Pokémon Go.

To evolve your Pokémon into Scizor and Steelix, you’ll need to find and get your hands on a few Metal Coats. There are several ways to look for it and in this guide, we are going to talk about all of them.

1. By spinning Pokestops

One of how you can get a Metal Coat is by spinning Pokestops for seven days in a row. But you should keep in mind that this method might not always work as you would be getting the Metal Coat as a form of reward. Rewards from spinning Pokestops can range from a Dragon Scale, King’s Rock, Sun Stone, and more.

Pokemon Go numerous PokeStops in Poland
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These items are important in evolving into other Pokémon such as Slowpoke and Horsea but if you are looking for a Metal Coat specifically, you’ll need luck to be on your side. This is because the odds of getting a Metal Coat from spinning Pokestops is just 1% so you might need to spin them quite several times before you finally get your hands on a Metal Coat.

2. From Field Research Tasks

One of the best methods to get a Metal Coat is by taking part in Field Research Tasks. They too can provide you with a Metal Coat in the form of a reward but you can check before doing the task which means a Metal Coat will be guaranteed if you choose such a task.

Pokémon Go February 2023 Field Research Tasks and rewards
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You’ll need to constantly keep an eye out for any new tasks that have a Metal Coat reward. You can do so by checking the binocular icon on the bottom right corner of the screen regularly. Most of the tasks known as Special Research Tasks are released during events and they provide the best probability of getting a task that will provide you with a Metal Coat as a reward.

3. As Gifts

This is not exactly a method that you can control, but if you are lucky enough you can come across a friend who might gift you with a Metal Coat. This might not seem so common but as you can very much receive a Metal Coat in this way, we’ve listed it down.

4. From PvP Rewards

Upon successfully winning several matches in Pokémon Go PvP in a row, you will be rewarded with several items. These items can range from anywhere between evolution stones, Fast and Charged TM, and even evolution items such as the Metal Coat, Sun Stone, King’s Rock, and so on.

Pokémon Go raid schedule December 2023 Timeless Travels event
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The chances of getting a Metal Coat from this method is just around 1% but it might work out well for you if you try regularly enough and luck is by your side.

To complete the evolution of Scyther and Onix into Scizor and Steelix in Pokémon Go, you will just need to follow the following steps. You can complete the evolution with the help of a Metal Coat and some Candy. Here’s the exact amount of Candy and Metal Coat you’ll need for the evolution.

  • Onix to Steelix: 50 Onix Candy + 1 Metal Coat
  • Scyther to Scizor: 50 Scyther Candy + 1 Metal Coat
Pokémon Go Evolution Scizor Steelix
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Given how rare it is to come across a Metal Coat, it is practically impossible for you to come across two of them at once. This means that whenever you can get your hands on a Metal Coat, you will need to choose if you want a Steelix or a Scizor, so make your decision wisely.

What are your thoughts about our guide on our evolution guide for Steelix and Scizor in Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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