The Version 1.3 update of Reverse: 1999, a strategic RPG set in the 20th century, introduces the second phase titled “Journey to Mor Pankh,” featuring a new time-limited event called “Shamane’s Left Arm.” Running until February 22, the event offers Clear Drops and abundant growth materials to players. It’s worth noting that participation in “Shamane’s Left Arm” requires completion of the main campaign, “In Our Time.” In this Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm Event Guide, you will know the right way to connect Shamane’s left arm in each stage.

Furthermore, I’ve crafted an extensive guide covering gacha mechanics, a tier list, beginner tips, rerolling strategies, and free exchange codes to help you kickstart your adventure in Reverse: 1999. Additionally, we’ve prepared a guide specifically focused on the limited 6-star characters featured in the event, namely Shamane and Kaalaa Baunaa.

Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm event
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I have discovered that Shamane, the former hermit, has a clever prosthetic left arm that sometimes acts up. By lighting pine branches, drumming the divine beat, and tuning in to the animals’ chatter, Shamane’s arm will soon be as sturdy as a tree and nimble as a monkey.

To kickstart the process, you just need to connect the prosthetic parts one by one.

Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm stage 1
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Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm stage 2
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During the first stage of Shamane’s Left Arm Event, I discovered that completing the stage and connecting the parts sequentially involves the following steps: move forward, then upward, make a right turn, descend, proceed forward, ascend, advance again, and finally ascend to reach the end.

Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm stage 3
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Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm stage 4
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Subsequently, proceed to connect the two circuits, ensuring that you link the components with varying colors consecutively, one after another in a sequential manner.

Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm stage 5
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To conclude, the final step involves dragging the circuitry module onto the blueprint, serving to not only complete the schematic but also establish the crucial connection between the two circuits, thus culminating the entire process.

Reverse 1999 Shamanes Left Arm stage 6
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Reverse: 1999 Shamane’s Left Arm Event Rewards

As you advance through Shamane’s Left Arm event, you’ll need to complete various stages to earn rewards. Embark on this adventure, conquer each level, and prepare for thrilling challenges. Expect to receive generous amounts of clear drops and growth rewards as you progress. We’ll update this section with the total rewards accumulated during the event.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the Shamane’s Left Arm event is an exciting adventure for players. With different stages and challenges, it’s a journey full of surprises and mysteries to uncover. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, it’s sure to offer an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 Home Practice Event Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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