Saudi table tennis stars are getting ready to compete in the Saudi Smash 2024 championship, one of the most important table tennis tournaments in the world, taking place in Jeddah from May 1-11.

The championship will feature elite players from around the world competing in singles (men and women), doubles (men and women), and mixed doubles, organized by the Saudi Table Tennis Federation, under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports and in collaboration with the World Table Tennis organization.

Among the Saudi players on the list is captain Ali Al-Khadrawi, one of the Kingdom’s top table tennis players. He started playing the game in 2007 and has a successful track record in both local and international competitions, including his distinguished participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Al-Khadrawi played 382 professional matches, with 14 appearances in the WTT matches, and maintained a win percentage of 54.5 percent throughout his career.

Ali-Al Khadrawi said: “I am delighted to participate in the Saudi Smash, a premier event hosted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an opportunity to compete with my Saudi teammates against elite table tennis players from around the world. We look forward to the challenges of this championship, which will play a good role in promoting table tennis popularity in the Kingdom and inspiring the next generation of Saudi athletes.”

Another prominent player in the tournament is Abdulaziz Boushlybi, who began his career in 2007 and has achieved various individual and team titles, including a silver medal in the men’s singles at the 2022 Gulf Games in Kuwait.

He also won a gold medal in the team event at the same games with Al-Khadrawi and others. Boushlybi has played 277 professional matches, with 13 appearances in WTT matches, maintaining a win percentage of 63.2 percent.

Another Saudi player is Khalid Al-Shari, who started his table tennis journey in 2012 and has a record of individual and team victories, including a bronze medal in men’s singles at the 2021 World Championship qualifiers in Qatar.

Al-Sharif played 257 professional matches, with 12 appearances in WTT matches, achieving a win percentage of 51.4 percent throughout his career.

Other players participating in the championship are Hadi Abu Al-Raha, Turki Al-Mutairi, Salem Al-Suwailm, and Mohammed Al-Qasab.

Their participation in the Saudi Smash 2024 championship is a unique opportunity to showcase their abilities and talents and compete with some of the best international names in table tennis.

The Saudi Smash championship is one of the three Grand Smash tournaments for 2024, alongside the Singapore Smash and China Smash.

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