It’s been 6 years since the release of PUBG Mobile, a global phenomenon in the battle royale genre. The game has rewritten history and created so many beautiful memories, events, celebrations, etc. that players will cherish for a long time. As the title steps into its 6th anniversary, it introduced a lot of updates and events including new features, items, and many more. I also enjoyed everything the game was introducing. One of the special celebration events in this 6th-anniversary celebration from PUBG Mobile is the “Skyhigh Spectacle” mode. After testing with this mode, I have prepared a guide and a bunch of tips for you so that you can take the highest fun out of it.

PUBG Mobile 6th Anniversary Skyhigh Spectacle Mode

Exclusive club contents for the 6th anniversary celebration
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The game has announced its 3.1 update in February 2024. We saw that the title was teasing Arabian Nights Theme mode, Flying Carpet, P90 Gun, and more. The Arabian theme was to shadow the holy month of Ramadan which we experienced before in this game. However, the updates include a Magic Fly Carpet as a vehicle, a Homeland Feature, skins, rewards, Genie Grenade and Aladdin’s Portal, and many more.

Event Guide and Tips for PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle Mode

I played the latest mode for quite some time and got to know it closely. In the game mode, when I board a plane there will be two portals that take me to the Sky Isles. They will appear on the flight path. Besides, a lot more is waiting to surprise everyone in this new anniversary mode. Here are the tips I prepared.

Choose Day or Night mode based on your preference

There are two modes in the Sky Isle. I mostly took the day mode as I like to join fierce battles and head-to-head thrills. The night mode is for those who love to explore the place. So, based on what type of entertainment I want to get, I’ll choose it accordingly. I suggest you to do the same.

Day and Night feature in PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle Mode
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Flying carpet will keep safe from enemies

This is very interesting. So far we saw several aerial vehicles that can take us from one place to another. There is an emergency pickup option as well. Yet this is very interesting and helps a lot. I used it many times at first for just having fun, and later used it for traveling long distances without getting noticed by the enemies also sometimes it saved me from taking zone damage. Another use of it will be placing the squad in a suitable place by avoiding enemy sight and getting an upper hand. Use the carpet often if possible.

Use the portals to get away or join fights

In Sky Isle, there will be portals. And we know what portals do. Just use them for their best purpose. Travel quickly from one place to another if you want to join a fight. Or even, it can be used to stay away from the fights! Save your back before anyone reaches out to you!

Portals in PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle Mode
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The treasure box will come with a lot of loot and rewards

PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle Mode features treasure boxes that are marked in several locations on the map. Go to one and just point the aim sight on the marker. I collected several items and rewards from the boxes by digging them up and using them for several purposes. With guns and other items, it always placed me a step ahead of the others. Some might say this is time-killing but I’d say it is worth exploring. Since it is a new mode, why not take a few steps towards it?

Showoff your anniversary collections

So, this is not actually a guide or tip rather you can say this is more of something to show off to your teammates and anyone who visits your profile. From the game profile, tap on the trophy box showing “Items” and the items will be displayed. These are anniversary mementos and the game’s giving them as a token of appreciation. For example, I can only have the 5th-anniversary item if I played it. Just select which is available and tap on “Display”. It will add to the profile and increase the aesthetic!

Grooving Grenade is fun in PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle Mode

Still facing trouble to have fun? Well, always keep a few Grooving Grenades. Whenever you need to relax a bit then use one and it will create an Area where the Genie will appear to join you in a dance!

While having so much fun, just check our other articles to get knowledge on everything going on with the game.

Have you played the PUBG Mobile 6th Anniversary: Skyhigh Spectacle Mode? What are your thoughts about this event mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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