Smash Legends is a recently released game based on the concept of a very popular genre in the gaming industry i.e. MOBA. It involves an online arena filled with real players all over the world battling it out among themselves to win. Real-Time Strategy making is a fundamental aspect of this genre. The game is offered by LINE Games Studios and is available on Android, iOS, and Steam. So today in this Smash Legends Beginners Guide, we will be diving into some tips and basic tricks to help you out when it comes to playing this game.

Well, unlike other MOBAs, Smash Legends doesn’t take a lot of complex pre-requisite knowledge to get out and combat on the battlefield right off the start. The matches last a whole Three Minutes, hence coming off as being fun for casual as well as committed MOBA fanatics.

Understanding the basics

1. Getting to know your Legends

One of the most significant aspects of winning in MOBA games is the amount of expertise a player holds over the vast set of playable characters. In Smash Legends, each one of the legends carries a very unique pack of skills. A player must try out using the characters as they get unlocked over time. This doesn’t just help with realizing which character to use under which circumstances but also helps in coming with a strategy on how to counter a legend you’re already familiar with.

Smash Legends Beginners Guide

For example, Red, a very formidable and swift close-range combat specialist, can be countered by using Hook’s Gun to maintain a safe distance from Red. Similarly, if your playstyle involves being the ‘Finisher’, then using the starting character Peter isn’t a bad choice as that legend has the skill set of a balanced legend for newbies and veterans alike!

2. Adding precision to your attacks

As already mentioned above, each of the Legends in this game has a very unique skill set and a certain role to fulfill. Even the character movements and their speed differ to a great extent from each other. Hence, it becomes very important to add precision to your attacks to stand out on the battlefield! Players that just randomly spam the fire button are usually the ones that carry a high risk of putting their team to a disadvantage. For eg. Red, a very dangerous and agile legend becomes almost of no use if the player just keeps on spamming the fire button, all the more, if in the wrong direction.

One needs to add some accuracy when engaging the enemy. If it does get very messy and crowded at times, the best is to back off at the right time when that happens, depending on your role. As more often than not, you’ll get caught up in enemy-heavy combos without getting a chance to defend yourself. Players may also distinctive movement systems to their advantage. For instance, some heroes like to jump around a lot, so, Alice has a perfect counter for this; she has a jump-up to move that can throw off the enemies quite far, even out of the arena.

3. Use the most of your surroundings and keep upgrading

Whether you’re playing the Battle Royale mode the 4v4 Dominion or any of the other modes, it becomes crucial to have a good awareness of the map you’re playing in. At times, to evade enemy attacks you could use the environment to your advantage. There are certain objects around which you can escape the decisive enemy blows due to the level of ground being unequal. So, your attacks won’t hit them and vice-versa.

Smash Legends Beginners Guide

Besides this, at times when you’re low on health and stamina, you could scout around the map near the end curves to find objects of interest such as a health boost or a stamina boost. These things can increase your chances of survival even for a bit longer. Upgrading your characters regularly is also a very fundamental task to do which ensures your overall skillset remains durable as you gradually start making progress with your profile. Upgrading characters requires puzzle pieces and gold. Both things can be accumulated daily. The game even offers a daily free rewards section.

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