Solo Leveling: ARISE is the highly anticipated mobile action RPG that has captivated players with its immersive gameplay, following Sung Jin-woo’s journey to become the world’s strongest hunter. After spending several hours in the game, I’ll provide an overview of the complete Solo Leveling: ARISE classes available for each playable character, including the class types and which class each character uses.

Netmarble launched the official website for Solo Leveling: ARISE in March 2023, and they recently announced early access for players in Canada. You can also find redeem codes to unlock freebies and access my beginner’s guide to kickstart your adventure. Additionally, there’s a reroll guide available to help you efficiently obtain SSR hunters in the game. You can also explore the Solo Leveling: ARISE elements section to gain a deeper understanding of the game’s elemental system.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Class Types Explained

Solo Leveling: ARISE features six distinct classes tailored for its hunters. Each character in the game is assigned a fixed class upon release, and this class remains unchanged throughout the gameplay. However, these class distinctions provide valuable insights into the unique playstyle and abilities of each hunter. Below is an expanded table detailing the different classes, their meanings, and the hunters associated with each class:

Tanker Tankers are sturdy hunters known for their exceptional defense, serving as the frontline protectors who can absorb a lot of damage and shield their allies from harm in the heat of battle. Emma Laurent
Woo Jinchul
Baek Yoonho
Kim Sangshik
Hwang Dongsuk
Yoo Jinho
Kim Chul
Fighter Fighters are strong hunters who specialize in up-close melee combat, relying on their physical strength and combat skills to engage enemies directly in hand-to-hand combat. Hwang Dongsoo
Park Beom-Shik
Mage Mages are expert hunters who wield powerful sorcery and magic, making them formidable opponents when fighting from a distance using spells and magical attacks. Lee Bora
Choi Jong-In
Jo Kyuhwan
Song Chiyul
Park Heejin
Assassin Assassins are agile hunters who are masters of speed and excel in close-range combat, using their quick movements and precise strikes to swiftly take down enemies with lethal efficiency. Han Song-Yi
Kang Taeshik
Ranger Rangers are expert hunters in archery magic, using their accurate aim and magical arrows to launch powerful ranged attacks from a safe distance, dealing damage to enemies without getting too close. Lim Tae-Gyu
Nam Chae-Young
Anna Ruiz
Healer Healers are vital hunters skilled in healing magic, focusing on supporting their teammates by restoring health and providing essential healing during battles to keep everyone fighting fit. Min Byung-Gu
Lee Joohee
Solo Leveling Arise Beginners Guide
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Understanding these class distinctions helps you gauge each hunter’s strengths and weaknesses and guides strategic decision-making in team compositions and combat engagements within the game.

What is the best Class to choose in Solo Leveling: ARISE

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, choosing the best class is really important because it affects how well you do in fights. I’ve learned that having a good mix of classes in your team is key. For example, it’s a good idea to have either a tank to take hits or a healer to keep everyone healthy.

Solo Leveling ARISE hunters
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But beyond that, each class brings something different to the table. Tanks are great at protecting the team, while healers keep everyone alive. Then there are classes like DPS that focus on dealing a lot of damage quickly. Support classes help with buffs and make it easier to control the battlefield.

So, when you’re putting together your team, think about what you enjoy doing in the game. If you like being tough and taking hits, a tank might be best. If you prefer helping others and keeping everyone in good shape, a healer could be perfect. But if you want to dish out damage fast, then a DPS class might suit you better. It’s all about finding the class that fits your playstyle and makes the game more fun for you.

Final Thoughts

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, your choice of class significantly impacts your gameplay experience. Each class brings unique strengths and abilities to the table, from tanks that absorb damage to healers that keep the team healthy, and DPS classes that dish out heavy damage.

Considering your preferred playstyle is key to selecting the best class for you. Whether you enjoy being on the frontline, providing support, or dealing massive damage, finding the right class enhances your enjoyment and effectiveness in battles. So, take your time to explore each class and discover which one suits your style best.

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