Soul Strike! Idle RPG is an action RPG that blends the excitement of hack-and-slash combat with the ease of idle progression. Crafted by Com2uS, this fantasy adventure takes players on a journey through epic battles against vampires, titans, zombies, slimes, and dragons. In this Soul Strike Idle RPG Beginners Guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Soul Strike, providing you with essential tips and strategies to navigate the idle battles and emerge as a legendary hero.

Soul Strike! Idle RPG Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Soul Strike, battles are a simple yet engaging experience, just click and tap to see your character unleash powerful skills automatically. The main goal is conquering successive waves of monsters, with each victory yielding greater rewards and advancing your progress.

Soul Strike Idle RPG Battle
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As you click and tap through hordes of enemies, your character’s skills unfold spectacularly. The more waves you conquer, the richer your experience and the greater your spoils of victory. Prepare for an epic journey where each cleared wave brings you closer to legendary status in the fantastical world of Soul Strike.

Enhance your Character

To conquer the game’s challenges, upgrading your character strategically is key. In the Training section, use Silver earned from defeating monsters to amp up various stats, making your character more powerful. Dive into the journey of improvement with Awakening – gather Awakening Potions from the Orcish Punch Bag in the Dungeon. Awaken the Catalyst Vessel, the core of your character’s strength, or boost it by manifesting nearby Catalysts.

Soul Strike Idle RPG Upgrade
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In the Ability section, explore different options using Soul Dice from the Infinite Pot in the Dungeon. Each dice roll gives unique Ability options with various types and grades. If the options you get don’t match your style, be careful using Soul Dice to make changes. Remember that changing locked slots will require extra resources. Customize your character’s abilities smartly for an unstoppable and personalized adventure in the game’s immersive world.

Upgrade your Classes

Begin your journey as an apprentice and open the door to exciting possibilities by unlocking the class summon feature. Visit the in-game shop, summon up to thirty classes, and easily switch your hero’s class using the Auto Change Class option in the Character menu. Always aim for the top-grade classes as they offer better attributes, making your hero more powerful.

Soul Strike Idle RPG Class
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Manage and upgrade your classes, each having its rarity and unlocking improved effects. Whether it’s Equipped Effects or Unique Effects, leveling up your class with Experience Crystals obtained in the field enhances both. Upgrade your hero’s class to a higher rank through Class Upgrade, where even the mighty SSS Classes await, ensuring your hero reaches the peak of power. Evolve your hero’s potential by navigating the straightforward Class system.

Form your Skills

Take control of the battlefield by equipping your character with potent skills. Visit the in-game shop and discover the skill summon option, investing summoning currencies to acquire up to thirty skills at once.

Soul Strike Idle RPG Skill
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As you progress, unlock additional skill slots, expanding your tactical repertoire to include up to six skills in battle. Optimize your strategy by making use of the Auto Form option, ensuring your character is armed with the best combination of skills for every encounter. Explore the diverse skill set available and strategically enhance your character’s prowess as you advance through the game.

Soul Parts

In Soul Strike! Idle RPG, the Soul Parts are crucial for boosting your hero’s abilities. You can upgrade the Soul Sphere by using Souls gained from defeating monsters, and as you summon Soul Parts, the Total Souls Used increases. Meeting specific requirements upgrades the Soul Sphere, increasing the likelihood of Parts’ Level and Rarity improving.

Soul Strike Idle RPG Soul Parts
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The Soul Parts tab showcases transmuted parts with Main, Sub, and Special Options based on Rarity. Special Options like Enchant and Auras are available with Legendary or higher Parts. Lv. 60 Soul Parts may offer Synergy Options, providing Unique Effects, with each part capable of having up to two synergies.

Soul Strike Idle RPG Beginners Guide Gameplay: Tips and Tricks

1. Upgrade Strategically

When delving into Soul Strike Idle RPG, remember that strategic upgrades pave the way to victory. Leverage in-game resources like Silver and Awakening Potions with precision. In the Upgrade section, focus on enhancing attributes, unlocking new skills, and empowering your hero strategically.

2. Explore Potion Buffs

Make the most of elixirs like Elixir of Power, Wolf, Patience, and Enhancement. These potions provide buffs such as increased attack, health boost, enhanced silver gain, and accelerated experience gain. Use wisely based on your playstyle and the challenges at hand.

3. Claim AFK Rewards

Don’t forget to claim your AFK rewards in Soul Strike! Idle RPG. Enjoy the benefits of super-fast growth that transcends the speed of time. Even when you’re not actively playing, your character progresses and becomes stronger.

4. Participate in Events

Participating actively in events within Soul Strike! Idle RPG is a key strategy for maximizing your gaming experience. Keep an eye on announcements and event calendars to stay informed about exclusive rewards, bonuses, and unique challenges. Whether it’s completing limited-time quests, achieving milestones, or competing in challenges, events offer valuable resources to boost your hero’s progression.

5. Login daily for steady Ether rewards

Ensure a steady flow of Ether rewards by logging in daily to Soul Strike! Idle RPG. Daily logins often offer consistent Ether rewards, providing you with valuable in-game currency to enhance your hero’s abilities, acquire items, and progress further in the game.

Final Thoughts

Soul Strike! Idle RPG combines hack-and-slash action with idle RPG elements, providing a captivating gaming experience. This guide has equipped you with essential tips, from mastering the basics to strategic upgrades and maximizing in-game features. Whether you’re enhancing your hero with elixirs, participating in events, or claiming daily rewards, every action contributes to your hero’s success. In the fantastical world of Soul Strike, your journey is defined by thrilling battles and strategic decisions.

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