Honkai: Star Rail with the Version 1.5 has brought in new in-game events, and the latest one is the Boulder Town Martial Exhibition Event. This combat-type event is inspired by the previous Boulder Town Super League event. It marks the first featured event for the second half of version 1.5, coinciding with the arrival of the Argenti banner. For players looking for clear information on the new event updates, this guide serves as a helpful resource, providing essential insights into the Honkai: Star Rail Boulder Town Martial Exhibition Event Guide for version 1.5.

Honkai: Star Rail Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event requirements and dates

To join the Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event in Honkai Star Rail, players need to reach at least Trailblazer Level 21 and complete the Adventure Mission “Gladiator” and the Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo-VI — Silent Galaxy. The event is set to run from 2023/12/06 12:00:00 to 2023/12/25 03:59:00 (server time).

During this timeframe, players are encouraged to dive into the vast universe of Honkai Star Rail and battle enemies in the Boulder Town fight club once again.

Honkai: Star Rail Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event location

You’ll find the event in the Boulder Town section on the Jarilo-VI Map. After completing the necessary Adventure Missions, go to the Fight Club and start the event by talking to Dr. Dig.

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How to do the Honkai: Star Rail Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event

During the Boulder Town Martial Exhibition, Trailblazers can challenge various tournaments to earn corresponding rewards. The event unfolds with a new match unlocking each day, totaling seven matches over its duration. Upon choosing to participate, Trailblazers face different opponents, and defeating them provides the option to select different buffs.

Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town martial exhibition event
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Once the draw begins, the team lineup becomes locked, and at the beginning of each battle, the characters’ HP and Energy are reset. What sets this event apart is the ability for players to freely choose the buffs they receive in each round, offering a strategic edge. Completing limited-time challenges during the event period also grants additional rewards.

In the Boulder Town Super League, Trailblazers can challenge different tournaments to win corresponding rewards. When participating in a tournament, the opponent lineup is randomly determined, and defeating different opponents allows players to obtain various buffs. Once the random selection process begins, the team lineup is locked for each battle, and the HP and Energy of all characters are reset.

Buffs in the Boulder Town Martial Exhibition Event

In the Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event, you can choose special boosts during each round. This cool feature lets you plan your moves and adapt to different challenges. Picking buffs adds a fun and strategic element to the event, allowing you to personalize your gameplay. It’s like building your strategy to face the battles and make the event more exciting.

Trial Characters in the Boulder Town Martial Exhibition Event

In this event, you might meet Trial Characters, who are not part of your regular team. These characters bring unique skills and ways of fighting, making the battles more interesting. Dealing with Trial Characters challenges you to change your tactics and try new things. It’s a bit like solving puzzles in the game, making your experience more fun and diverse.

Honkai: Star Rail Boulder Town Martial Exhibition Day 1 to 7 Trial Characters

Day Trial Character
Day 1 – Form of Firmness Argenti and Luka
Day 2 TBA
Day 3 TBA
Day 4 TBA
Day 5 TBA
Day 6 TBA
Day 7 TBA

We will update this section as stages get unlocked per day, and trial characters are revealed alongside the name of the stage.

Honkai: Star Rail Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event rewards

The Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event in Honkai Star Rail is a great opportunity to gather lots of rewards. By finishing event tasks within the given time, you can access various benefits. When you explore different daily stages, battling enemies and trying out trial characters, you’ll get a variety of in-game resources as your rewards. Let’s check out what rewards are up for grabs in this event.

Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town martial exhibition event rewards
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  • Tracks of Destiny
  • Stellar Jades
  • Relic Remains
  • Lost Crystal
  • Traveler’s Guide
  • Credits
  • Lifeless Blade

Final Thoughts

The Honkai Star Rail’s Boulder Town Martial Exhibition event provides a great chance to earn rewards. By completing tasks and exploring daily stages, players can unlock various benefits. Engaging in battles with enemies and trying out different trial characters yields valuable in-game resources. This event also serves as a strategic opportunity to accumulate resources, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players seeking both challenge and reward.

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