Step into the magical world of Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, an exploration MMORPG crafted by Ling Ren Game Limited. In this adventure-filled realm, you’ll encounter perilous challenges and the choice of your character class holds the key to an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. To help you navigate this decision, we present to you the Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Class Tier List.

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Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Class Tier List for February 2024: Best Classes Ranked

To simplify things, we’ve divided the classes into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This helps you quickly understand each class’ potential, making it easier to decide which ones to select for your journey. It’s a handy reference, but keep in mind that your gameplay approach can also influence how these dynamics work.

Tier Classes
Strong (S) Rune Mage,
Shadow Assassin,
Omni Warrior
Good (A) Rosen Knight
Average (B) Elven Archer,
Holy Priest

1. Rune Mage

The Rune Mage is a top-tier class known for its mastery of arcane power. While it may be tough for beginners, its immense damage and impressive area-of-effect abilities make it a force to be reckoned with.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Magic Rune
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Perfect for players who love strategic and powerful magical gameplay, the Rune Mage excels in wiping out hordes of enemies. It’s a fantastic choice for those who enjoy a challenging yet rewarding play style.

2. Shadow Assassin

The Shadow Assassin, also in the top-tier class, is all about agility and stealth mastery. With a focus on high burst damage using hit-and-run tactics, it’s a perfect fit for players who thrive on fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Character Selection
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

While it poses a challenge due to its higher difficulty and melee range, Shadow Assassins provide an exhilarating choice for those who prefer an advanced and risk-reward-focused playstyle.

3. Omni Warrior

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Omni Warrior
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

The Omni Warrior is a top-tier choice in Fantasy Tales because of its well-rounded and durable gameplay, making it ideal for beginners. With strong defenses, control, and stamina, it delivers consistent damage in battles, offering a reliable and easy-to-understand experience for newcomers to the game.

How to change your Class in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic

As you begin Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, you’ll need to choose one of the six available classes. It’s important to note that once you’ve selected a class and started the game, there’s no option to change it later. However, if you’re determined to switch classes, follow these steps:

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Character Selection
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited
  • Exit the game while you’re playing.
  • Return to the main screen.
  • Change your server.
  • Upon entering the new server, create a new character.
  • Select the desired class for your new character and proceed with the game.

That’s how you can change your class in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic!

Final Thoughts

Your journey in Fantasy Tales revolves around the class you choose, with each one offering unique styles, strengths, and tactics. Find the class that suits your playstyle best. The tier list serves as a helpful tool for navigating these options. Remember, it’s your approach that will shape your adventure. So, select your class wisely!

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