Enter the magical world of Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic, where your choices determine your destiny. As you dive into this anime-inspired MMORPG by Ling Ren Game Limited, the addition of mercenaries adds an extra layer of complexity to your strategic decisions. This Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Mercenary Tier List guides you through the strengths of each mercenary, helping you assemble a powerful team for the challenges ahead.

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Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic Tier List for February 2024: Best Mercenaries Ranked

To make it straightforward, Mercenaries are categorized into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This makes it easy to grasp each mercenary’s potential, aiding you in deciding which ones to choose for your adventure. It’s a helpful reference, but remember, your gameplay approach can also impact how these dynamics play out.

Tier Omni-Warrior Rune Mage Elven Archer Holy Priest Shadow Assassin Rosen Knight
Strong (S) Dauf,
Abe no Seimei,
Robin Hood,
Gong Gong,
Feather Spike
Nameless Shinobi,
Good (A) Otakemaru,
Nelly Yu
Lily Anna,
Morning Dew
Average (B) Emilio,

Best Omni-Warrior – Dauf

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Dauf
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Dauf is a top-tier mercenary, excelling in accuracy, defense, and smart tactics. His skills boost his damage, reduce incoming damage when he’s in good health, and enhance his damage output and evasion during critical moments. With a versatile skill set, Dauf is a reliable and resilient choice for players aiming for balance and effectiveness.

Best Rune Mage – Abe no Seimei

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Abe No Seimei
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Abe No Seimei is a top-tier mercenary, standing out for his versatile skills that offer a balance of offense and support. He boosts both attack and defense, contributes to team damage, and enhances survivability by reducing incoming damage. With a well-rounded skill set, Abe No Seimei proves valuable in various team setups, excelling in both offensive and defensive roles.

Best Elven Archer – Robin Hood

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Robin Hood
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Robin Hood secures her position as a top-tier mercenary with a versatile skill set that combines agility and potent damage output. Her abilities contribute to effective crowd control and make her a valuable asset in various situations. With skills that enhance her ranged attacks, Robin Hood stands out as a balanced and powerful choice for players seeking a formidable mercenary.

Best Holy Priest – Bibitano

Bibitano stands out as an excellent mercenary known for her ability to survive tough situations and provide crucial support. Her unique skill allows her to stay alive briefly when facing critical moments, acting as a lifeline for the team.

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Bibitano
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Moreover, she enhances the durability of the team by supporting two targets simultaneously. With additional defensive boosts, Bibitano becomes an invaluable asset, especially for teams aiming for resilience in prolonged battles. Importantly, Bibitano can revive, making her a key player in challenging scenarios.

Best Shadow Assassin – Scissorhands

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Scissorhands
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Scissorhands is a top-tier mercenary known for dealing strong damage and applying strategic debuffs. His attacks hit hard and increased his survivability. The ability to weaken enemies and deal extra damage to marked foes makes him a formidable force. With increased accuracy and evasion, Scissorhands is a deadly and sneaky choice, perfect for players who enjoy precision and strategic play.

Best Rosen Knight – Shuten-Doji

Fantasy Tales Sword and Magic Shuten-Doji
Image via Ling Ren Game Limited

Shuten-Doji shines as a top-tier mercenary in Fantasy Tales, offering a unique blend of offense and survivability. Her ability to support teammates and provide healing makes her a valuable asset in battles. With boosted critical stats and versatile skills, Shuten Doji stands out as a formidable force, excelling in both dealing damage and enduring tough situations.

Final Thoughts

The mercenary tier list is a handy tool to help you build a strong team in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic. Knowing the strengths of each mercenary and their role in your squad can boost your gameplay. Remember, while the tier list is helpful, your style and strategy also matter a lot. So, use it as a guide, try out different combos, and create a mercenary team that suits how you like to play.

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