eFootball 2024 has been a different and fresh approach to the tactical side of the game over the past few years of KONAMI’s popular football franchise. For me, the biggest positive is the introduction of Manager tactics and the new training system for the players, which has become a breath of fresh air for longtime fans of the game. So, team building is more fun and can help players in choosing a team of their choice. One of the manager tactics in eFootball 2024 is Possession Game, and it won’t be a lie when we say a higher share of the players use this tactic.

Creating a squad out of the best players will be a task for any. Choosing the players, making them work in a formation, and bringing results will be important, and each player must understand the technique behind it and then form his squad. So, in this article, to help the players with squad creation, we shall discuss how a player can create a working Possession Game squad in eFootball 2024.

Introducing the Possession Game tactic

Understanding Possession Game doesn’t require much of your football knowledge. Mostly having possession of the ball, recycling it, and looking for a chance by passing is what you can define a possession game playstyle as. It is followed a similar way in eFootball too, with players obeying the principles of this playstyle, allowing players to pursue a more fluid way of football.

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As explained in our manager tactics guide, Possession Game in eFootball 2024 focuses on player movement off the ball, along with positional awareness. Most of the team will be close in terms of receiving a pass. Attacking transitions are mostly slow buildup. Players will move towards the area where the ball is present so that they provide short pass options.

Defensively, a high line is maintained, which allows defenders to play closer to the halfway line, allowing more passing options. Off the ball, the pressing is high to recover the ball as quickly as possible. Keeping all these points in mind, we put together our squad.

Selecting players for a Possession Game playstyle

Selecting players for your team based on stats is easy. Most of the POTW cards come with high stats so players wouldn’t mind having such players in their squad. But they might not have that all-round ability to adapt to that tactic and hence might be a misfit to whatever formation you throw at them.

Through pass in Possession Game
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It can be for different reasons like selecting more prominent names in world football, players with higher stats, and more. Usually, we as players do not think much, we pick a new high-rated player and drop him into the team, expecting miracles.

While selecting regular players, you should keep in mind whether this player can perform or not. With flexible training, other players play well under a particular tactic, which makes your team work better and thus get results. If he doesn’t perform, do not worry, test him with a different tactic before discarding. Who knows, he might become your favorite player.

Possession Game setup eFootball 2024
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  • Main Attributes: Low Pass, Ball Control, Tight Possession, Offensive Awareness

Choosing your forwards will always be a tricky scenario. You expect each of them to perform, but somewhat have this “what if?” situation for their performance. So while forming your team, keep in mind the main attributes the forwards should have in a Possession Game setup.

Starting with the striker, choose a striker with First-time Shot. Since the game mechanics have changed, it has become harder for players without this skill to hit on target the first time. Bonus if the player has any of the passing skills: One-touch Pass, Through Passing, and the No Look Pass. Playstyle can be of any type, but if you have wingers that can provide goal-scoring actions, then a Deep-Lying Forward would be lethal.

  • Best Strikers for Possession Game: Harry Kane, Memphis Depay, Julian Alvarez, Kolo Muani

Wingers do the majority of the creative work, so having someone who can ping accurate passes and crosses is essential. Pace isn’t that important, but it helps if the players have a burst with the ball to get the sharp touches right. Again, playstyle is up to the player, but I suggest you make sure your wingers have at least two skills that will help them beat their man, such as Through Passing, Weighted Pass, or One-touch Pass.

  • Best Wingers for Possession Game: Son Heung-Min, Bukayo Saka, Jack Grealish, Di Maria


  • Main Attributes: Low Pass, Lofted Pass, Balance, Stamina

Midfielders add the barrier between the Offense and Defense. They do the most work in the possession have, with forward progression along with defensive contributions.

If you are using a three midfield formation, you can have two options, with one attacking midfielder with two behind him or a flat three with a single pivot. The three central midfielders cover and protect central areas, and can quickly adapt to become two defensive midfielders and one advanced midfielder if necessary. This can occur either when a block is formed or when pressing. Creative Playmaker or a Classic No. 10 player would be great for buildup.

  • Best Attacking Midfielders for Possession Game: Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes

When you are looking for midfielders with cover, then you will need one mixed on the creative/ball retention side, and the other to be an absolute workhorse, with great stamina. Yes, you’ll need one more of the same profile in the substitutes to keep a replacement ready if you need more work rates. Combinations like the Box-to-Box and Orchestrator work fantastic.

  • Best Central Midfielders for Possession Game: Luka Modric, Marco Verratti, Frenkie De Jong

Defensive Midfielders make the bridge between the center-backs and the center mids. Playstyle will depend on your overall midfield, so if you are too offensive, better have someone who will sit back and distribute, while also good at interceptions and tackles. Anchor Man DMF is the best option, with Orchestrator also good for beating the press. Sometimes I do give the ‘passing’ option a pass since defensive midfielders aren’t known for that aspect.

  • Best Defensive Midfielders for Possession Game: Joshua Kimmich, Rodri, Declan Rice


  • Main Attributes: Defensive Awareness, Interception, Low Pass, Physical Contact

In a Possession Game tactic, the defensive line is high, making it vulnerable to counterattacks from the opponent. While having good skills with the balls, the defenders need to be agile enough to commit to dangerous yet clean tackles near the attacking third and have good awareness around them.

Fullbacks are needed to maintain the defensive width along with offering support to the team drifting in. They should have a good pass in them, while a mix of defensive and offensive attributes makes them even better. Keep a mix of an Offensive and Defensive full-back, depending on your choice.

  • Best Fullbacks for Possession Game: Joao Cancelo, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Carvajal

Defenders with ball-playing ability, as well as those good enough for last-ditch tackles, should be the main priority. Selecting a Build-Up CB will be a great choice, as they are well-suited for teams having a lot of the ball. Paired with them, you can have an aggressive CB, with a Destroyer playstyle or someone more leaned toward moving forward, like an Extra Frontman.

  • Best Centrebacks for Possession Game: David Alaba, Bastoni, John Stones


  • Main Attributes: Low Pass, GK Awareness, GK Reflexes

Selecting the Goalkeeper will be based on your playstyle will be important. Since the defensive line is high, you might find the need to rush your keeper out on a few occasions. So, selecting an Offensive Goalkeeper is the right choice, who is also good at distributing the ball.

  • Best Goalkeeper for Possession Game: Ter Stegen, Manuel Neuer

Formation Game

In a Possession Game, having a formation with a well-connected midfield and offensive contributions is needed with suitable defense to carry out the attacks from deep. In the first case, a traditional 4-3-3 is a really good option to start with, with a 4-2-1-3 also allowing one offensive midfielder to operate at the top.


4-3-3 has gained popularity for being one of the most flexible and consistent formations in world football. Even in the game, it offers a good balance in both offense and defense.

At the top, you can have any option at striker, with Deep-Lying Forward and Target Man playstyle strikers opting to drop deep and participate in the buildup. Goal Poachers and Fox in the Box players if you have a designated role for being at the end of the final ball.

4-3-3 eFootball 2023 Possession Game
A 4-3-3 in eFootball 2024

Wingers, a Creative Winger paired with a Pacy one. On one flank, Prolific Winger with the other with a Roaming Flank/Creative Playmaker. Midfield in case of a 2 +1, plays a creative attacking midfielder, with a double pivot behind. In a flat three, Anchor Man + Box-to-Box + Orchestrator is a very good choice.

For the Defense, follow the mentioned strategy in choosing your squad. An offensive goalkeeper is again the best choice.


With four choices in midfield, two central and two wide, the 4-4-2 becomes one of the best formations to work the Possession Game effectively. With two strikers upfront, a Goal Poacher with a Deep-Lying Forward would be an amazing combo.

4-4-2 eFootball 2023 Possession Game
A 4-4-2 formation in eFootball 2024

In the midfield, play one Box-To-Box/Orchestrator CMF with an Anchorman DMF. In the flanks, a Roaming Flank to participate in the attack with a Cross Specialist to provide the crosses inside will work well.

The defensive line can be adjusted to your liking. Because the wide flanks are closer to the fullbacks in the 4-4-2 compared to 4-3-3, use fullbacks with the defensive ability for a good cover. Centrebacks must once again be good on the ball and adept at ball distribution.


Players can select their squad members based on their preferences. Our goal is to have a well-oiled team that produces results and works well against any team. There is no such thing as a perfect team, as we may encounter difficulties in breaking down an opponent and then lose focus. Player styles should be noted because they can make a difference.

Overall, I suggest that Possession Game is an excellent choice for players who prefer to slow down the game pace and take their time maneuvering and scoring in eFootball 2024. This guide is a good place to start if you want to find the best combination for your strategy.

What are your thoughts on this guide for building a Possession Game Squad in eFootball 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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