Fate/Grand Order (English) is a great emerging MMORPG developed by Aniplex Inc. In an MMORPG like this, team composition is one of the major aspects players need to watch. The more balanced the players will make the team, the more chances will thus be created for win. But every newcomer must have proper knowledge regarding all the classes, servants, and the entire mechanism of characters in the game to make the ultimate team. Thus here is a detailed Fate/Grand Order team composition guide for all the amateurs to build an outstanding team for themselves. 

How team role works in Fate/Grand Order (English)

Every team has to be a balanced and perfect one where every servant provides the perfect backup and support to all the others. The most important part of the team is the synergy between all the classes of servants. If this purpose is fulfilled, then the entire team can defeat any villain they face. As the game does have a proper set of classes, here we will mainly classify all the classes: 

FateGrand Order (English) gameplay
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1. Swordsman

Swordsman is a set of characters who preferably fight at the frontline with their primary weapon, Sword, and go for an entry frag during a fight. As these characters have high HP and ATK points along with great DEF stats, that is why they stand at the frontline with pride. The Swordsmen are way more powerful compared to all the other types of characters and thus players always try to keep them in the team. 

2. Archer

Archers are those characters who are mostly present at the back end of the team and come up with great damage to their opponents from far away. These characters have great HP and ATK stats but need to gain a bit in the DEF aspect. Due to this, archer-type characters mostly play at the back only. Archer-type characters are very good in long-range fights and thus the opponents sometimes face many issues while reaching them. 

3. Lancer

Lancers are the characters who mainly provide good support to the swordsmen only. These characters also have great HP, ATK, and DEF stats that help them stand just behind the swordsmen. Sometimes the Lancers are the best mid-range fighters, and sometimes they can also become combat beasts in the match. Mostly players keep only one Lancer in the team as they can control the mid-line and fight at their peaks.

Best Examples of Team Composition in Fate/Grand Order (English)

The game offers the players to create a 3-man team for fighting against the enemies. The main formation mostly remains in a 1-1-1 format. As the game follows this type of format we can come up with 1 best lineup for the players that will help them to win matches without any problem. 

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A balanced lineup mostly comes up with a proper mixture of all types of characters. In this lineup, the best thing the players can do is; they can keep 1x Swordsman, 1x Lancer, and 1x Archer in their team. This is because the Swordsman and the Lancer can fight easily at the front. The Archer from the back will help the entire team fight back the enemies and take down the enemy team’s long-range fighters so that their attacks don’t get interrupted. 

Fate/Grand Order (English) Team Composition Guide: Tips and Tricks

As a newcomer, players need to have some of the best pieces of advice to form the best possible team. So follow the tips:

  • Check out all the servant cards you summon and try to understand the abilities of all the servants. This will help the players to understand the mechanics of the servants and how they will perform in the team as well. 
  • Try out all the servants players summon at the beginning. This will help the players to understand the workings of the formations along with the Team Chemistry of all the characters for other servants. Team Chemistry is very important as servants must have a great synergy between them, otherwise, it might be a great problem for other servants while fighting. 
  • In the beginning, do not go for a fixed team. If you see a more powerful servant, upgrade it and use it in your team. This will help you to update your team and make it stronger as well. The new servants will also build great synergy with the existing powerful servants and the entire team will become unbeatable. 

Final Thoughts

Fate/Grand Order is an amazing action game and has so many different types of Servants in it. This thing pulls the interest of the players toward the game and they stick to the game till the end. Thus follow our detailed Fate/Grand Order Team Composition Guide and understand the mechanism of how to build a perfect team so that you can make one and become the ultimate player of the server.

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