All the BGMI and PUBG Mobile players must be aware of the fact that players try to make their ID or username unique and attractive. For this, they try hard to improve their tier and level by all means. They prefer rank pushing, camping and they even play aggressive but with a good strategy so that they can increase their tier. But then arises a question as to why they want their ID to look good.

Well, there’s a simple answer, because they want to appear like a pro player. Pro players are always admired and many newbies or average players try their best to be like them. But there is something in their ID that makes pro players unique. It is their username and outfit. One can get outfits by completing missions or look into the crates. This is a guide for tips to get a unique username in BGMI. 

How to change the Username 

First, players have to obtain a rename card. Completing progress missions can fetch one a card, and one can also pay for it. Furthermore, if one has just installed BGMI and hasn’t played any matches yet, the game will first ask you to add a username before proceeding to the lobby.

The username can be changed once a day. It is advisable to rename carefully and thoughtfully and be sure about a name which one chooses because for two reasons.

BGMI tips unique username
The ‘Change Username’ dialog box (Image from PUBG Mobile)
  • Names can be changed only once a day, and one rename card can only be used once. So, if a player is planning to change their name daily, then they have to collect enough cards. Now, that is a bit impossible, because as mentioned above, a player can get it either by paying or by completing missions. Now, progress missions don’t offer you more than 10, that too if you are a premium member. If you are playing without a premium pack, you will gain a maximum of 5 and that too by completing all the progress missions and RP missions.
  • If a player is planning to buy more than 2-3 rename cards then it will just be a waste of money or UCs because they are expensive, as is well-known among pro players.  

 One can click on ‘Use’, and the game will ask you to add a new username. 

How to get a unique username in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

1. Add synonyms of your matching quality

This one tip is for a whole squad or a duo. One can add things to their name and also in another member’s name. The squad will appear united in the game and it appears like a team. For example, Soul “your creative name”, Alpha “your name”, etc.

Moreover, a lone wolf can use their vocabulary as the username with some added symbols. For example, Devil, Phoenix, or Mortal is quite common, but one can find a unique one on their own.

2. Use Symbols

BGMI doesn’t allow gaps within a full name. So, to fill that gap, one can use symbols in a creative way.

BGMI tips unique username
Symbol Chart for choosing a unique username

Once players have selected unique words and combinations and searched for these symbols, they can go for some apps to generate a unique username and then copy-paste it in BGMI.

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