To celebrate the new year, Garena Free Fire has made a vibrant M1917 Crowned Conqueror Gun skin available for free in its Indian version. This recently added skin can be obtained by completing certain missions within the Free M1917 event till January 7, 2024.

Free Fire MAX Free M1917 event Overview

The M1917 Crowned Conqueror features increased accuracy and magazine capacity, albeit with reduced reload speed. Its bright yellow and red design makes it stand out.

By dealing damage and eliminating enemies with pistols in Battle Royale, Clash Squad, or Lone Wolf modes, players can get this limited-time gun skin.

Event Missions and Rewards

There are three reward levels in the Free M1917 event:

  • Deal 2,000 pistol damage or eliminate 4 enemies: Receive 2 random loadout crates
  • Deal 6,100 pistol damage or eliminate 12 enemies: Receive 2 weapon loot crates
  • Deal 17,000 pistol damage or eliminate 36 enemies: Receive the M1917 Crowned Conqueror skin

Completing these missions before January 7th will allow players to redeem these free rewards. The legendary-rarity M1917 skin is a rare item to obtain without cost.

How to the M1917 Crowned Conqueror skin for free in Free Fire

The M1917 pistol can provide a key edge in Free Fire MAX battles. Players looking to add this bright yellow and red specialty skin to their collection can do so through the Free M1917 event.

  1. Accumulate enough pistol damage or eliminations to unlock all tiers of rewards within the event timeframe.
  2. Open the events tab and go to the activities section. Select Free M1917.
  3. Tap the claim button to receive the M1917 Crowned Conqueror skin and other loot.

Final Thoughts

The Free M1917 event provides a great opportunity for Free Fire MAX players to obtain an exclusive and powerful M1917 Crowned Conqueror pistol skin at no cost. Its increased attributes can help win more battle royale gunfights and claw squad matches.

By dealing pistol damage in the game modes, acquiring this special edition weapon should be attainable for motivated players before January 7th. Consider taking advantage of events like this that allow you to strengthen your arsenal with unique skins boasting useful perks.

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