Minecraft is one of the best and arguably the most famous game of all time. It is a sandbox construction video game, which has been developed by Mojang Studios. The gameplay involves players interacting with the game world by placing and breaking various types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. In this environment, players can build creative structures, creations and artwork on Multiplayer servers and Single-player worlds across multiple game modes. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 tips and tricks for Minecraft.

Minecraft: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

1. Create a snow golem before mining

Minecraft top 10 tips
Snow Golem

Creating a snow golem before going to mining or far from the base is always a great idea. Snow golem is a protective mob that leaves snow trails while moving in the land. Players can use this trail as a path mark and easily come back to their bases. Snow golems also throw snowballs to other attacking mobs which deals minor damage.

2. Trapdoor cage

Minecraft top 10 tips
Trapdoor Cage

Players can make cage using trapdoors. It is a great and time-saving way of making a cage. The placement of multiple trapdoors in a square position and triggering them all completes the making of a cage. These cages sometimes work better than the fence cage. If your mobs go outside of the cage, you can lure them with food. Therefore, they will eventually come inside the trapdoor cage without opening the door. But, here is the twist, they won’t be able to come outside of the cage without opening the door.

3. Creeper protection

Minecraft top 10 tips

Using this trick a player can easily survive a creeper blast. When the creeper is about to blast, throw a block in front of it. The block will soak the damage and the explosion won’t hurt the player. This trick can also be used with a TNT. Ensure that the block is in front of the player’s keeper to block the player’s view.

4. Mob capture trick

Minecraft top 10 tips
Mobs put on fire

If any of the pet mob goes outside of their cage, flint and steel should be used with the mob being set on fire. They have a habit that whenever they deal with fire, they would run to the nearest water source. To complete this trick, the cage must have a mini-water source where the mob will extinguish its fire.

5. Sponge drying trick

Sponges are great for soaking a massive amount of water instantly. It works great, especially in the ocean temples. After using a sponge, it would become a wet sponge. Players can use furnaces to dry the sponge and reuse it, which takes lots of time and fuel. There is a more efficient way to dry the wet sponges. One must take all the sponges to the Nether world and place them. The hotness of the Nether will vaporize the water from the sponges. This trick does save a lot of time and fuel.

6. Use of the Fire aspect book

Minecraft top 10 tips
Fire Aspect Book

Players can use an enchanted fire aspect book to start a fire. It is great to start a campfire with it. If a player forgets about flint and steel, they can easily start a fire with this enchantment book.

7. Don’t dig straight

This tip is one of the basics. Don’t ever dig straight down to the core. Players might fall in lava while digging straight down. After falling in lava, there is no escape from there. There is a higher probability that one will only get lava from down below. One thing which is also possible that lava will be coming from sideways, so these little things should be kept in mind.

8. Build house near villages

Minecraft top 10 tips
Houses near villages

When you start the adventure, it is recommended to construct your house near villages. At the start, it is hard to find essential items and food. Building houses near villages does help to borrow these items from villages. This helps a lot in the early stages of the game.

9. Kill iron golems first

Minecraft top 10 tips
Iron Golems

While entering a village, one must target to kill the iron golems first. They are the protectors of the villagers. In case a villager accidentally gets hurt, these golems will surely give enough of hard times. It is advised to take out the iron golems first from a distance.

10. Don’t sleep in the Nether

Minecraft top 10 tips
Bed in Nether

Don’t ever try to place a bed and sleep in the Nether world. Whenever you tap on the bed in the Nether to sleep, the whole area will explode and death will loom over you in no time. Although, players can use this to play a prank on their friends.

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