In a recent announcement, developers of the popular game Tower of Fantasy (ToF) have assured players that the game is here to stay for at least another decade. In response to community concerns about a gameplay redesign and possible relaunch, a follow-up statement was issued just two days before the highly anticipated anniversary broadcast on December 7th, 2023, announcing exciting plans.

The development team, which boasted significant manpower, underlined their dedication to both Tower of Fantasy’s classic and reboot servers. They reassured players’ concerns about neglect by assuring them that both versions would receive equal attention and care. ToF fans may now look forward to a decade of intense gaming with the promise of a bright future.

Tower of Fantasy creators plan to return to their original light sci-fi setting for an exciting game future

Tower of Fantasy’s creator, Hotta, expressed their commitment to the game’s light science fiction open world. Hotta teased the introduction of the final state, Kanzhou, in the Domain 9 map in the next Version 3.6 release, two updates after the current Version 3.4. Building on previous map-level design experiences, the developers promised a more distinct exploration mechanism.

In terms of version 4.0, Hotta hinted at a whole new time and space concept, with a heavier emphasis on science fiction, cyberspace, and AI. Pioneers can look forward to a futuristic experience in the AI-powered world of 2712.

Tower of Fantasy decade
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Over the last two years, Hotta’s production team has developed considerably, with several developers coming from the player community itself. Hotta expressed gratitude for the players’ support, making a secret wish to accompany them for another decade. The emphasis remains on co-creation, which injects new life into the game while also ensuring its continuous operation and progress.

Tower of Fantasy Devs ensure smooth sailing for servers amidst exciting upgrades

Hotta informed players that the official server’s content updates will not be reduced in response to concerns regarding production capacity following the release of retroactive server information. Hotta, who has managed overseas servers, console servers, domestic versions, and also previously merged a few servers confirmed that retroactive servers would not interfere with ongoing optimizations and official server updates.

Long-term goals include optimizing the official server and improving the weapon system. Developers promised continuous enhancements, such as new weapons, optimizations to the existing weapon pool, and the addition of functional weaponry. The electromagnetic blade’s original outfit will also be updated.

Tower of Fantasy Lin release November 2022
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Retroactive server and advanced server testing are on the horizon in preparation for the 2nd-anniversary release. wanderers are welcome to engage in testing, providing critical insight to help shape Tower of Fantasy’s future. The creators are set to create an interesting and engaging experience for years to come with a dedication to continual improvement, and since the game is showing good growth, it seems to be a good decision.

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