Clash of Clans will be going crazy as a new December 2023 update will be kicking off with some exciting new features, but there’s more as the best addition in this new update will be the arrival of the awaited Town Hall Level 16. So, what are we waiting for? Let us dive in and see what’s coming with this mega update!

Clash of Clans December 2023 Update: Town Hall Level 16 is coming

A week ago, Stuart McGaw, the General Manager of Clash of Clans shared a blog related to an upcoming update slated for December 2023 and outlined an ambitious plan for the year 2024.

By the start of it, we as a community started the rumors of the potential arrival of the Town Hall level which most of the players with maxed-out bases were waiting for, and now, we have received official information it is coming.

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If memory serves me right, the last significant update for Clash of Clans was in October 2022, introducing Town Hall 15 along with a slew of new defenses, troops, pets, and various other features. It was pretty big, as we saw a lot of new features. The October 2023 update was also great in terms of content but this upcoming update will be a bigger one surely given how it will change the game dynamics.

Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 16 features

So, we’ll be sharing all the details we know of the latest Town Hall level, exploring the new features, including troop, spell, defense, and building upgrades. First things, upgrading to Town Hall 16 comes with a significant investment, demanding 20 million gold and a 14-day upgrade time.

clash of clans town hall 16
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However, there’s a notable improvement compared to Town Hall 15, as the upgrade time has been reduced, making the process more manageable for players. Expect this cut down of time to all the levels and buildings. The Giga Inferno mimics Town Hall 15 stats but boasts a more epic appearance. Additionally, the introduction of a nature theme in the new town hall is evident, that comes with a green theme.

Hero Upgrades

With the Town Hall upgrade, all the Heroes will be receiving a significant boost, each gaining an extra five levels at Town Hall 16.

Defense Upgrades

Well, a new Town Hall always brings new upgrades. Here are some of the upgrades that are arriving.

  • Air Defense: This can now be upgraded to level 14, providing additional hit points and damage per second.
  • X-Bow (Expo): Upgrades to level 16, featuring increased hit points and damage per second.
  • Wizard Tower: Now upgradable to level 16, offering extra hit points and damage per second.
  • Bomb Tower: A new level, reaching level 11, providing extra hit points, DPS, and damage when destroyed.
  • Mortar: Experiences an incremental increase in hit points and damage.

Troop Upgrades

We can expect the following upgrades for troops.

  • Electro Dragon: Elevates to level 7, offering increased hit points, DPS, and damage when destroyed.
  • Dragon Rider: Now attains level 4, showcasing improved stats similar to the Electro Dragon.
  • Balloon: Undergoes significant upgrades in hit points, DPS, and damage when destroyed, likely making it a priority for players.
  • Miner: Recommended for hybrid-style attackers.
  • Electro Dragon and Dragon Rider: Highly recommended upgrades due to their potential effectiveness at Town Hall 16.

Spell Upgrades

We can expect the following upgrades for spells.

  • Lightning Spell: Potentially gaining significance in the meta, especially with other defenses nerfed.
  • Healing Spell: Depending on the strategy, players might prioritize this upgrade.
  • Poison Spell: Proves useful in various attacks and is worth considering for an upgrade.
  • Recall Spell: Receives an upgrade to allow recalling an extra six capacity.

Building Upgrades

Storages, including Dark Elixir Storage, receive an increase in capacity.

  • Laboratory: A visually appealing upgrade deemed essential for unlocking new troop levels.
  • Barracks: Teased for future troop unlocks in upcoming sneak peeks.
  • Pet House: Upgraded to enhance pets, with specific details to be revealed in an upcoming sneak peek.

For now, we have these in sight. As we get to know more, this space will be updated.

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