Township by Playrix is marked as a Casual and City Building game. This game can be described as a game for toddlers to teenagers to aged, it has a bracket in being a family-friendly game which has an option of farming as well as city building. For doing the same, the gamer can use either the coins or the township banknotes. Here in this beginners guide, we will share the tips, tricks, and strategies that will guide a player throughout the game journey of Township.

Getting started with Township game

As the gamer commences the game, the game provides a video detailed introduction of the game which helps in a better understandability of the features. As one starts to kick at the playing, the gamer is required to make the first move by doing some basic farming chores like planting wheat, feeding domestic animals such as cows, setting up buildings like bakery, cowshed, etc, all of the listed steps helps the gamer to set up a town of own where they even make residents in order to increase the population of the town. The game even allows one to name their town.

The user can even help the nearby residents especially the aged by locating them on the map and providing them the necessary resources through helicopter. As the gamer levels up, the number of grain options, which the gamer can plant at the field increases. The gamer keeps on leveling up as they continue to get experience by completing tasks, achievements, farming, etc. The experience level is shown up at the top left corner with the level number at which the gamer is shooting up.


New in-game additions

The game has its newest update dated April’21 accompanying its ’19 update which allows the gamer to build a zoo of their own. The on-date update comprises reckless features such as that of a pirate which would help the gamer to earn more rewards.

Pirate Fun

  • This helps the gamer to accomplish pirate tasks which would help in earning rewards in coins or kind.
  • The Golden Ticket option allows the gamer to fill the treasure with more rewards.

Town festivals

  • It lets gamers set up tents in the town to host a fair.
  • If the gamer wishes to get a renovation ticket for the town, it can be done by beating a match that comprises 2 levels.

Events and Tournaments

  • Comprises a Bubble Gum Festival and Need for Seeds where gamers are required to defeat pirates and win rewards from him.
  • Rev and Ride where gamers can use tickets to get a chance to do a roller coaster ride.
  • The new Season, known as the Paleontological Regatta Season where the gamer is allowed to search for treasure or artifacts.


  • Certain special offers help the gamer to boost up their resources in the gameplay.
  • The expansion area is now increased to two towns.

Construction in Township

The gamer can put up different segments of the town in Township by building Factories, Community Buildings, Houses, Decorations, Farming, and Special which keep dilating as the level goes on increasing. These options are available in the built section.

  • The Factory fragment allows the gamer to set up factories which helps one to produce finished goods from raw material the gamer has equipped while farming or leveling up. Each of which for setting up has a population limit as well as can be bought by coins or banknotes.
  • The Houses section shows up an option for the gamer to not only build buildings but also make residents of the town which helps in setting up factories as mentioned. The increase in residents also helps in the expansion of land which helps make a diverse town.
  • In Community Buildings, gamers are made to set up community Buildings which are made in order to help the residents to buy daily needs.
  • Decorations let the gamer enhance the look of their town and set up the accessories which would do the same.
  • The Special building shows up with a number of buildings for the town which would increase the interactive level in the town. There are certain Special buildings already in the town by default, for which you don’t get an option in this section.
  • The farming section holds up a number of options for farm buildings that have a fixed amount of capacity for holding animals, where the gamer can feed and get livestock.

Export, Import, and Help

Township is not just designed for gamers in order to produce raw material or just fine goods but the gamer can even export the finished goods or even request imports from other companions or from nearby islands. The gamer can do this with the help of a Helicopter, Train, Aeroplane, and Ship.

The means of Helicopter is accessed with the map which makes the gamer sight at the residents of the towns and their requirements which gamer can fulfill and win XP or Experience Points helping the user to level up. This means of transport is available at the very initial stage of the game.

 Township beginners guide train station
Train Station

The Train Station is another convey in this sub-category, the capacity of the station is up to 3 trains, the first train the gamer gets is at level 5 which is available for export, as the gamer reaches level 7 they can even ask other fellow companions to help them with the requirement. Train numbers 2 and 3 are available at 14 and 25 respectively.

 Township beginners guide airport
Township Airport

The airplane available at the Airport is another means of transport to continue the function of import and export. The requirement segment here is designated in 3 rows, with 3 requirements each. They are made to be fulfilled in a certain time period. Fulfilling each of which the gamer gets rewards as well as a chest which may provide valuables.

 Township beginners guide port
Township Port

The port for ships needs a repair to be accessed, which is only available at level 29. After the completion, you can send your ships to an isle where it can find an island in order to load imports in a crate which has a capacity to hold a maximum of up to 3 products.

Some more options to look out in Township game

Apart from just the transport, building, farming, etc, this game has much more for a gamer to sight at. These options may help in keeping a check on livestock, storage, more sources of raw materials, updates, and considerably more.

 Township beginners guide

Township News

Right below the population count, the gamer can find the option resembling a letter sign which gives all the updates about the game which even includes video tutorials and social media platforms where the gamer can make themselves more updated of all.

Assigning or editing positions of each and every building or structure of the town would be a difficult as well as an exhaustive process for the gamer. Therefore, the Edit Mode just next to the news option helps the gamer to do this easily. Gamers can select a structure, move it, place a new one, assign new roads, add borders, etc with the help of this option.


On the extreme left corner, the option of connecting with Friends is available where Township gamers can connect along with their friends, add some from Facebook by linking their accounts, get messages from them and accept requests from fellow companions around the globe. Just in case the gamer comes up with a new name for the town, they can go to the town sign, and just by clicking they get the option to rename their town and even can change the town signboard.

Mine ore and Barn

This structure opens up the gamer at level 21, where gamers can use different raw materials brought with the help of rails that come up to form valuables such as picks, dynamite, and TNTs. Most of the goods that the gamer equips while playing are stored in the Barn which has a limit to the capacity. The capacity of the Barn can be exceeded with the help of coins or township banknotes. In case the gamer has fulfilled the limit of the Barn, they can export the materials with the help of different means of transport available.

Township Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Township as a game can be pretty hard for new players but don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to progress in the game easily as an amateur in the initial stages of the game. The aim of this game is to create a space for residents and fulfill their needs by making necessary structures and producing certain materials (raw as well as finished) which would help the gamer doing so.

  • Gamers should keep placing fields in their town which would allow them to grow more and more crops and earn more XP.
  • Barn (storage area) has a limit, therefore gamer can sometimes keep the crops unharvested.
  • Residents are one way that helps gamers to increase the population. An increase in population not only helps in the prospering of town but also it helps in the increasing area.
  • Gamers must keep upgrading the structures which helps in the more efficient setting up of the town.

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Township Beginners Guide for tips!

That’s all for today’s Township beginners guide. Did you find our Township beginners guide and tips useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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