Reliable sources have confirmed Robin’s arrival in Honkai: Star Rail. The recent drip marketing and her appearance in the teaser of the Penacony update trailer have ignited excitement among players. Robin is a highly anticipated 5-star character aligned with the Physical-type element on the Path of Harmony, and has been teased on official accounts, generating buzz on Twitter. I am excited to share that in this Honkai: Star Rail Robin Abilities and Gameplay Leaks, detailed information sourced from reliable channels will be discussed in detail.

Players eagerly anticipate Robin’s debut, captivated by her elegant appearance and intriguing abilities showcased in the new Penacony Map and her role in quests. This article will delve into Robin’s Voice Actor and Eidolon leaks in HSR, offering insights into her unique playstyle and potential team dynamics.

Who is Robin in Honkai: Star Rail

Robin is a soon-to-be-playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. Born in Penacony, she’s a Halovian singer who soared to cosmic fame. With an elegant and demure demeanor, she’s been invited back home by The Family to enchant everyone with her song at the Charmony Festival.

Honkai Star Rail Robin
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In the forthcoming version 2.1 update, Robin is expected to make a teaser appearance, with her official release anticipated in version 2.2 following the debut of the Penacony update.

When is Robin coming to Honkai: Star Rail

Robin’s official drip marketing was observed on March 12, 2024, just a few weeks before the anticipated Honkai Star Rail 2.1 update that will bring SU World 9, new achievements, and more. While she hasn’t appeared in previous versions, this suggests the possibility of Robin’s introduction in the forthcoming 2.2 update of Honkai Star Rail, slated for early May 2024.

This timeline coincides with the version following the introduction of the new Penacony area. It’s likely that she’ll be prominently featured during the initial phase of the update as the primary character in the limited banner.

Who is Robin’s Voice Actor in Honkai: Star Rail

Robin’s voice actor is Qian Chen for the Chinese version, Nazuka Kaori for Japanese, Alice Himora for English, and Shin Onyu for the Korean.

Chinese Qian Chen
Japanese Nazuka Kaori
English Alice Himora
Korean Shin Onyu

Notably, Nazuka Kaori, her Japanese VA, has also voiced Uta in One Piece, Tooru in My Hero Academia, and Chelsea in Akame Ga Kill.

Robin Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, Robin’s abilities allow her to excel at reducing her own aggro, boosting teammate damage, and transitioning into a different state. Additionally, she can grant attack buffs to teammates for a specified number of turns.

Her unique kit provides a CRIT DMG boost to allies proportional to her own speed, and she possesses the ability to heal herself, which proves invaluable when her HP falls below a certain threshold.

Basic Attack

Robin executes a single-target attack, dealing physical damage to the target.


Grants teammates an increased ATK% for a specified number of turns.


Reduces her own Aggro while boosting teammates’ damage. Enters a “disabled” state for a designated “countdown” duration, becoming active again once the countdown concludes. Additionally, triggers action advances for all teammates.


Automatically heals herself when her HP falls below a certain threshold. Gains energy after teammates take their turns a specific number of times.


Provides teammates with a Critical Damage increase (based on her own) and a Speed boost.

Robin Eidolons

Robin’s Eidolon enhancements greatly enhance her gameplay, offering buffs and increased damage to teammates as she applies more buffs. According to DimBreath leaks, her eidolon also provides buffs when she’s disabled.

However, details about the specific effects from Eidolon to Eidolon 6 remain undisclosed. Rest assured, we’ll cover this aspect once more information about her eidolon becomes available.

Final Thoughts

Robin’s imminent debut in version 2.2 promises to shake up the game significantly. Her distinctive capability to boost allies’ CRIT DMG in proportion to her own speed might introduce a game-changing mechanic. Moreover, Robin’s Eidolon enhancements amplify her adaptability by augmenting Attack Percentage and Critical DMG, while also adding utility to her energy based on ally turns.

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