MOONTON, the developer of Watcher of Realms, is set to unveil a series of events dubbed “Searing Obsession” alongside the introduction of a new limited hero named Lust, all in celebration of Valentine’s Day 2024. Players can indulge in Valentine’s-themed events, earning plentiful rewards through various competitions and activities, as well as summoning powerful couples during special Valentine’s summoning events. Additionally, a new Silas skin will be available for free in this tower defense fantasy RPG game.

Watcher of Realms will be launching a series of events on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2024

The Searing Obsession event stages promise an engaging experience with the introduction of the Apotheosis Relic mechanic, allowing commanders to shape their adventure through decisions that influence their fate. Participants stand to gain abundant rewards from the series of events, including the 7-Day Sign-in, Silas and Vierna Scroll Exploration, Bounty Challenge, Treasure Hunt Celebration, and Redeem Shop.

Exclusive rewards such as the Lust artifact, chat emotes and bubbles, exclusive avatars, summoning crystals, and skill crystals await. To mark Valentine’s Day, special summoning events will be launched. In the “Invocation of Oath” event, both Lust and Arrogance will receive a 10x Rate-up. Another summoning event will feature the powerful couple heroes Silas and Vierna with the same rate increase. These special events are not to be missed.

Watcher of Realms will bring exclusive hero Lust in the Valentine’s Day event

MOONTON has further announced that Lust, described as a true-life monster, would be making her debut on Valentine’s Day. She is said to serve as the partner of Arrogance and emerges as a formidable combatant from The Nightmare Council.

The new hero Lust specializes in executing multi-strike attacks and possesses the ability to unleash burst damage within a brief timeframe, making her an invaluable asset to The Nightmare Council team. Additionally, it was noted that Lust features a unique bond skill that amplifies her damage output when paired with Arrogance. Interested players were informed that they could acquire the limited new hero Lust from February 14th to February 18th.

New Valentine’s skins for the romantic couple Silas and Vierna will be available in Watcher of Realms

Valentine’s Day brings exciting news as Silas and Vierna unveiled their romantic-themed skins: Penumbral King and Moonshroud Queen, respectively. Commanders will be thrilled to learn that they could earn Silas’ skin shards by participating in a variety of events and competitions.

Watcher of Realms Valentine's Day 2024 events
Image via MOONTON

Once players gather enough shards, they can acquire the Silas skin at no additional cost. Furthermore, Vierna’s enchanting skin was conveniently available for purchase through a special bundle in the shop, offering commanders a chance to adorn their champions in Valentine’s Day finery.

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